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Posted by tommie on October 27, 2001 at 01:55:40:

In Reply to: Similar...... posted by Travis on October 26, 2001 at 14:39:13:

I don't really understand my condition. I know it is different from other CH sufferers. However, the pain and all the symptoms is a cluster headache by definition. The pain can reach 8 or 9 if I dont' watch out. I have friend who has classic clusters and he has told me about the medications, oxygen, and vitamin supplements thank can help lessen the pain. However, mine can happen everyday, unless I get adequate sleep, and eat every 3-4 hours. It just doesn't happen in clusters. it is a chronic thing for me, but fortunately it is controllable. I have a high metabolism and always have. I have cut out the "trigger" foods (alcohol, MSG, caffiene, or any additives that can accelerate the heartbeat).
But all this talk of what I have is insignificant to the main problem - what is this disease, disorder, or condition? How can it be controlled or even eliminated. It has gotta be something in the blood stream and blood vessels. Either we trigger the CH's through what we eat, or they are triggered by what the body produces in the blood stream. The body can produce all kinds of chemicals and substances from any number of glands and organs. In my case, or those who might be able to stop or lessen the pain through eating "safe" foods, why or what is going on in the body? I read in a few medical journals that when one is hungry, and your blood sugar drops, the body produces chemicals that stimulate the heartbeat (i.e. adrenaline and other compounds). This in turn increases or manipulates the heartbeat. MSG, stress, the tannins in red wine has the same effect. the effect for us is a CH. we just cannot process these compounds. and the blood vessels in our head on the effected side start to expend and contract in a way that puts us in pain unimaginable to most people. then it goes away only to taunt us by returning at a later time. why can't those blood vessels in our head absorb the contractions? are they less elastic than those in normal people? i am no doctor but i like to ask question and try to peice together answers.

I wish I had answers. maybe someday.

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