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Posted by MikeB on October 28, 2001 at 02:48:36:

In Reply to: The narcotic contraversy........... posted by don on October 27, 2001 at 14:52:52:

You all new it had to be coming... A book-like post from ol' MikeB. LOL. Well, here it is.

I have been reading through many posts and read this one to. Glad to see everyone watching each other's backs on the addiction thing. That is a good thing.

This is a long bit about shrooms and meds and a little personal stuff, so if you don't want to read it, then cut out my friends. No harm done... :)

My personal experience has led me to believe in not even trying to use narcotics to control or treat my CH's. I did try that. I did take and have taken heaps of different narcotic pills to try to stop my CH's in the past. I was scared to stop taking them, even though I new it was not a good idea to take them all the time. Walked around in a kind of haze for a bit there. They really did not help much at all but with the beast trouncing my head repeatedly, it was like giving up the one weapon that I had which seemed to have any affect on the bastard. I ended up throwing them away.

As I have stated before, I have not really ever had access to conventional CH medications. Back when I found this board, I was going crazy with the meanest, longest, most intense CH cycle I had ever experienced... (Ok. Not too much snickering you Chronics. I hope not, but give me a few more months and I may be there right alongside ya) I searched high and low for something I could take that was inexpensive and non-addictive. I was always on the board, looking and reading and asking for alternatives to the expensive and impossible (For me) to get 'main-stream' CH medications. I was so damn envious to hear everyone talking about how Immetrex and this drug and that drug worked so well for them. Nobody's fault, but that was really killing me. LOL

If I had had the wherewithal, I would have tried every one of the more 'accepted' medications until I found one that achieved a pain free state. Then I would have gone with that.

I did not have that access though, so, after having mushrooms suggested to me. I read the indicated posts and the links and other information about them and decided to give it a shot.

The first time I took them for the headaches, I was at the peak of peaks in my cycle and was forced to take a week off work. They helped enough for me to return to work and be able to live without hitting those terrible 9's and 10's so many times each day and night. For a bit, they almost seemed to nearly get rid of the CH's. Then, after a short time, they came back, slowly. They have been around for months but not at the intensity that they had been at. I have still been suffering from much of the same CH routine, you fellow CH'ers know what I mean, but at a lesser intensity. The intensity has been picking back up for awhile and it was getting to where I have been going totally crazy again, the whole nine yards.

So, I believe that the first time, I did not take enough of them to have the intended result. It did not stop my CH's in their tracks as it has apparently done for some. It did vastly improve the quality of my life as far as the CH's go.

I do not like taking drugs and I do not like trying to push drugs on others. That is not my intention in describing this. Since the first time, I have held off on the idea of taking them again. Until the other night. I reached the point where I had to do something again and someone happened to come around who had some shrooms. They were taking it for recreation and I asked for some of the tea for my headaches. I drank a large glass full of it. I must note that I really dislike tripping. It is something that should be done in the proper frame of mind and in the right setting. It is a seriously mind altering substance. One just has to be responsible about it that is all. But, its a small price to pay for some long term relief. And maybe they are not for everyone. That's fine.

I guess I am trying to say, that there are alternatives to Narcotics and the expensive abortives and preventatives that so many of you have access to. To tell the truth, the more 'standard' medications don't sound all that great for you either. If responsibly taken, shrooms can definitely help your CH's. Also, they are not addictive and do not hurt you. Of course, they are illegal...

So, ok. I am getting down off my shroom wagon now... (Don't really want to be here anyway) And I am not likely to get back up on it anytime soon.

Blast me if you wish. But, they helped me. I am hoping that they will again.

Hell, I just wish we all could get rid of these goddamn cluster headaches. However we go about it. I am not down on anybody. Do what you gotta do I reckon.

Hope everyone gets some PF time.

Be safe and happy.

Love, MikeB

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