We have a winner of the OUCH Trivia Contest!!

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Posted by Margi on November 01, 2001 at 11:28:13:

OK, folks - here are the answers to the OUCH Trivia Contest.

1. Who is Mr. Winky? And what happened to him?
Our friend, Drummer, was in the middle of a particularily bad cluster attack in the night and hooked himself up to his oxygen tank. Now, suffice it to say that he was naked and got tangled up with the strap on his tank and the darned thing attacked his nether regions (his Mr. Winky, ok?). Let's just leave it at that.

2. lcbob wrote teh devil but he also did something for OUCH, what?
lcbob came up with the acronym, OUCH (Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches).

3. Our webmaster, DJ...who does he work for?
DJ is in the United States Air Force. Rock on, DJ and stay safe.

4. What kind of car does Linda Howell drive?
Linda drives a hot pink 1967 Mercury Caliente!

5. Who came up with the "butterfly farts in Peru" theory?
That was our very own Jack Boyd (who has since returned to his home planet, I think).

6. How did Paco break his commode in the middle of the night?
Well, poor Paco. Seems he got a terrible case of food poisoning and had become liquid at both ends. Not sure which of those ends to actually attach to the commode, our dear friend Paco got hit with a cluster attack (like he needed more stress at that particular moment). With his thrashing around and struggling with the beast in the bathroom, a ceramic pot fell off a shelf, hitting him on the head and landing on the commode, breaking it into pieces. Now, Mrs. Paco, hearing the commotion found quite a sight in her bathroom that night. I think she deserves Supporter of the Year award for having to clean up after Paco's explosions that night.

7. What was the rottweiller's REAL name?

8. What is BardD's last name?

9. How does BobP spell 'dog'
Now, BobP is quite a large man. He also suffers from sausagefingeritis, and quite often will hit the wrong keys on his keyboard - those damn narrow keys! - and he is famous for spelling the word 'dog' as 'dpg'. The 'p' is right next to the 'o', you see.

10. What is the name of the novel that CarlD wrote?

Bonus question: What is the name of Hub's hound?
Ol Petey is the coondog.

Congratulations to GLENDA JOHNSON for being the one to answer most of these questions correctly!! Glenda wins a free OUCH membership (generously donated by Paco!) for her hard work and research. Glenda, please contact me and I'll get you to forward your information to Paco to set up your membership. Way to go, girl and welcome to OUCH!!

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