Attention all potential mushroom patients... IMPORTANT

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Posted by pinksharkmark on November 01, 2001 at 23:12:03:

There has been a lot of noise in the news lately about applying some kind of steam sterilization or radiation treatment to the US mail in order to protect against bio-terrorism.

Common sense tells us this is impractical as hell, but since when have politicians paid much attention to common sense? If such a thing does come to pass, it will be more of a hassle to receive mushroom spores in "stealth" mode, since they will have to be clearly labelled in order to avoid being sent through the gamma ray machine or steam chamber or whatever. While it is true that spores of psilocybin mushrooms are NOT illegal (except in Georgia and California), it is also true that most people who buy them will turn those spores into fullgrown mushrooms at some point. It is always better to receive a bland, standard looking package than one which attracts attention.

My advice: JUST IN CASE this foolishness ever becomes a reality, it is a good idea to order your spore syringes NOW -- like tomorrow.

Another reason to order them NOW is to get started on your crop and have it harvested and stored BEFORE the return of The Beast. It never ceases to amaze me how many people e-mail me saying something like "Geez, I really meant to get around to growing my own, but it sorta slipped my mind and now I am getting whacked six times a day with Kip 10s. Who is the fastest spore supplier you know and how long will it take before my mushies are ready to eat?"

Even those of you who don't think you'll ever want to be bothered growing your own might be wise to order in a spore print or spore syringe or two. If you never use it, fine. What have you lost? $20 or so? If you ever need the cash, I'm sure another clusterhead would be happy to purchase your spores. And, don't forget that you are perfectly within your rights to own SPORES. Owning spores puts you in no legal jeopardy whatsoever.

I repeat... possession of psilocybin mushroom SPORES is perfectly legal for anyone who doesn't live in Georgia or California.

BUT, even if you think today that you will never need them, are you SURE? How will you feel when your eyeball starts exploding and you find, like so many of us have, that the meds that worked perfectly for you over the last twenty years don't do diddly anymore, and your doc won't give you a scrip for Imitrex because you've developed a slight heart murmur since your last physical, and you come to the board and see four posts in five days about people getting their life back due to psilocybin mushrooms? Do you think that maybe you MIGHT just dig that spore print out of its hiding place and whip up a mushroom bed or two?

NEWS FLASH -- first thing you will need is spores.

Conclusion: if you are thinking of trying this treatment for your next cycle, get your hands on some spores NOW. If you think that you might give it a whirl if your current meds ever stop working, order some spores NOW. If you think that you will wait until the treatment becomes legal, order some spores NOW. If you are sure that you will never ever in your life try this therapy, order some spores NOW in case you change your mind later.


*pinky hops off soapbox*

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