A Chronic's Mushroom Diary, Part Two

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Posted by pinksharkmark on November 02, 2001 at 12:40:59:

Some of you have read the first part of this clusterhead's journal. I posted it on October 2, and I have provided a link to it at the bottom of this post if you want to refresh your memory.

I received this installment a while ago, but delayed posting it until I did some research into the lithium connection he mentions. I will add more detail re: lithium a bit later, but I want to point out now that lithium is NOT a MAO inhibitor.



Here is my 2nd post that picks up where the first one ended. Some good
news, some not so good. Read on......

Wed Oct 3rd:
Well, last night was a pretty bad night again. I had several CH throughout
the evening, nothing major in intensity. I did get woken up 2 times during
the night as well. Again, both small (kip 2) attacks that were aborted with

Thursday Oct 4th:
Feeling better today (energy wise). The CH attacks started this morning at
9:30. They continued sporadically throughout the entire day and evening -
although they were all minor (kip 1) level. 100 % pure oxygen is now my
newest best friend.

Friday Oct 5th:
I am feeling better as each day goes by. Only had 2 small attacks during
the day. Again, oxygen easily took them away. During the evening (around
6:30) more small ones started (about 6 of them), and were very persistent.
When I finally decided that they were gone for the evening, I went to bed
(about 1:00). At 2:00, I woke up with another CH. But this one did not
stop ramping up, it ended up a kip 10!! Damn, that is the rudest way to be
woken from sleep. Anyhow, this one I aborted with Imitrex as I couldn't
hold out any longer. Finally back to sleep at 3:00 - damn tired.

Saturday Oct 6th:
Woke up pretty late today. More CH started hitting me around 2:30 in the
afternoon. They continued throughout the afternoon (all kip 1 and kip 2
level) This is really starting to suck. I finally (as of Saturday) have
enough dried for another treatment (about 3 grams). At 6:30, I started to
dice them up, and got vitamin c, cranberry juice and coffee ready. Then I
remembered reading somewhere that if you take something called a MAOI, it
will enhance the effects. I looked on the web a little bit and found out
that Lithium (which I have great supply of) is a MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase
Inhibitor). I then had the bright idea of taking 300 mg of Lithium about
20-30 minutes prior to the shrooms. My intent was not to enhance the shroom
effects, but rather hoping that if Lithium seemed to help me, maybe the
shrooms would enhance the effect of what the Lithium is trying to do.
Needless to say, it was a dumb idea. I mean, it was a fucking god damn
stupid assed thing to do. I took 3 grams dried P. Cubensis, with juice and
coffee, and 300 mg of Lithium - all on an empty stomach. I will not be
doing this again, I repeat NOT be doing this again. It was the most intense
experience I have ever had in my life. It was not a smooth enjoyable
experience as the other times had been, it was so fucking intense!!!!!!! I
could not wait until I could come down from it. The major intensity lasted
about 2 1/2 hours, and the overall effects lasted about 5 hours. Note the
last 2 1/2 hours were just fine, but I will NOT be doing that again....
The next day I found out via the dosage calculator on the shroomery.org site
that I basically had the equivalent of 6 grams dried - which sets you into
the trip level 5 range. I can not describe what I saw in there as words
could not do it justice. Although they are correct when they say that
things all tend to morph into different things, and there really is (at
least I believe it now) another universe out there as strange as that may
sound. But it was just way to intense, so I wont be doing that again.

Sunday Oct 7th:
Woke up this morning at 8:15, feeling fine other than having a mild normal
type of headache. Got out of bed and started to get the coffee brewing. At
8:30, I got hit with a kip 2. And got several more minor ones throughout
the day. I decided that evening that I was going to start taking the
medications again. Here are my reasons: I won't have enough shrooms in
another 5 days for another dose. (I'm working on it though!). As we all
know, stress can add to CH, and me always going along in 5 day stretches -
wondering if I would have enough for the next dose - was more than likely
adding to my constant attacks. Next time (and there will be) I will be more
than ready. Trust me on this one. So I started taking the meds in the
evening. Still had a couple more (about 4) small kip 2 level attacks.

Monday Oct 8th:
Wow! I slept through the night again. That is twice in a row. Damn, I am
getting pretty spoiled now..... as of writing this (9:00 PM) I haven't had
any CH attacks. But I sure have shadowed heavily a couple times
throughout the day. Also as of today, I have started working with rye grain
(versus vermiculite and rice) for the substrate. I am hoping to produce a
bunch of shrooms in a short period of time (wish me luck). Then I will go
back and do battle with the beast. I feel like I have lost this battle, but
I will still win the war!

Of particular note, I have been very chronic with CH for many years now.
Using Pinky's 'Leaky Faucet' analogy, I evidently have not been able to find
my point where only the drip is going on. If any of you chronics have any
tips or pointers on how you were able to succeed, please share this with me.
Overall, I can indeed attest that this treatment is having a positive effect
on the CH. This time, I ended up taking a knife to a gun fight. Next time,
I will take a Panzer tank to the gunfight - and we'll see who wins!

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