My stupidity bit me on the ass...

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Posted by Jim R on November 03, 2001 at 06:30:29:

Hey Nancyc, Shelly, Jay, Don, etc. - Hey what's one beer, huh? I mean after all, I tried one a few nights back with only a very mild CH result, right? You all told me I was NUMB to do this, but stupid Jim had to test out the lithium's alcohol blocking effect and thought he knew best...

Last night, I brought my wife Judy and oldest son Justin out to Olive Garden in NH's capital city and we were going to do a little Christmas shopping afterwards. I brought my little tank of 02 and my Stadol - just in case, because I wanted to have a really nice time with them, especially after being in the house without doing anything or going anywhere for so long. We arrived at about 6:15 and it being a Friday night, there was a 30-45 min. wait. Because it was the only place that had room to sit, we went into the bar and Judy said she'd like a Bloody Mary while we waited and Jus said he'd have a White Russian. I debated a minute and then said I was going to have a beer...Judy asked if I was sure I wanted to do that. Justin said maybe you better not. I said (being, oh so bright) that I had one the other night without much result and that I should be able to handle one beer.

The breadsticks were great. The salad, one of my favorite things about Olive Garden, could not stop me from having to go to the car for my 02 - shadowing hard. Came back in, sat down - BANG - a KIP 7 and increasing FAST. Tried eating my salad...geeting worse. Go to the men's room and put together my Stadol kit and took a blast. Went back out and sat down. BANG...a KIP 10 - full blown...completely blocked nostril, INCREDIBLE pain, L eye completely bloodshot, eyelid swollen and drooping, sweating on the left - did I mention incredible pain? What an asshole I am. Judy said - you look horrible. I said what's it look like - she said - the worst I've seen...if I looked like I felt, I must have scared and waitress and other patrons. Somehow, got through dinner - pain is going between a 9-10 - like multiple peaks (must have been the effect of of 02 and stadol. Couldn't wait to get in car and my 02 - no shopping tonight - straight home (30 miles). Sucking on the 02 like there's no tomorrow. 02 brings it down to an 8 but 5-10 min, after stopping, right back up to "full-tilt". FINALLY get home - take a Norflex, my next lithium. Moan, groan, wince, pace, scream, get pissed, babble, scream - really puts a damper on converation! Judy and Jus just stay with me. By 10:00 (3 1/2 hrs. now, I'm still right up there at 9-10. Took another hit of Stadol - makes me feel like in "narcotic land" but doesn't affect the CH much at all. At 10:30, it's backed down to maybe a 6, where it stays for the next two hours. Finally get to sleep sometime after 1:00. Went through a half tank of 02. Told Judy this morning if I EVER SAY I'M GOING TO HAVE A BEER, FOR HER TO SPLAP MY FACE - REPEATEDLY! DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. So ya'll have my permission and urging to do the same, figuratively speaking. That was the worst CH episode I'v had in 10 years and it was self-inflicted! What a jerk...

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