I am a beliver in the Lord!

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Posted by Elaine on November 07, 2001 at 16:53:53:

In Reply to: Do any of you believe in the Lord, or.... posted by Charles on November 07, 2001 at 15:03:20:

I try real hard not to put my beliefs on this board, cause I have respect for the way others believe, or don't believe.I am chronic and 47 years old. I have had this thing over 20 years now. I won't say I have not questioned the Lord from time to time. The pain is bad and it makes you want to scream and yell and cry and cuss, I find not one bit of it helps, I think it makes it worst. I went forever it seemed not knowing what this pain was. I remember thinking I was so alone. I remember trying to get people to understand it was more than a headache. I remember going to work so tired cause I had been up most of the night. Wishing I was rich so I didn't have to work. But the kids had to eat so did I. I did not have time to stop. Had you asked me 20 years ago if I would see 47 I would have told you no. That this pain was going to somenight take my life. It didn't..it has made me stronger. The only thing clusters ever did to me was make me hurt a hour or two a day and make me tired and make me cry. I never blamed clusters for my break up with my Ex..nor any lost of a job. Cluster hurt...but they are not the blame for every bad thing in my life. I know you hurt and you want to lash out but don't blame clusters for all that goes wrong.If the Lord made this a perfect word and no one got sick and no one died. There would be no room here to move when we have a cluster and we have to move :-)! Plus there would be no angels in heaven looking down on us. I don't know why we hurt I don't know why the Lords let this happen. But I am thankfull he has sent me this board to vent cry or whatever about this pain. I am thankful he has given us Dr Gosby to work for us to find the answer.Look around maybe the lord sent you here for the answer. But your so mad you can't see it! Calm down look at the information on this site. Go to chats, email people here, we will give you all the information we know! Cause bottom line is your not alone we have all been there done that. We all got over ourselfs! We found each other through this pain. We WILL find the answer TOGETHER. My heart goes out to you!

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