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Posted by hedferst on November 07, 2001 at 18:23:49:

hey ya'll and welcome to the board..while i myself have only recently (within the past few months) began posting, i have been visiting the site since '98...and i would like to make a few suggestions for you...READ THE ENTIRE SITE!!! DJ goes to great lengths to archive posts and includes all the latest information out there to help us. USE read read!...some newbies (no names) find it easier to ask questions than take the time to research for themselves. In the course of researching, you will find great information..i myself "stumbled" across a whole lot while searching answers to my questions...information i may have otherwise missed if i relied soley on the few people who answered my posts. Also, we are all about support!!!! we all experience the same pain, and can relate...a few here keep preaching to the choir about their "pain" hey..we got it!! we hear ya!...of course we all need to vent now and then..just kind of comes with the territory..however if all you ever do is vent, you will find fewer and fewer responses to your posts...its nice to support as well as vent. And have a horrible debilitating condition...YOU HAVE IT!!!! all the wishing in the world isn't gonna change that...this board isn't jimminy can't help you "wish it wasn't so"...accept it, brush yourself off and get on with the business of LIVING...and let us help you manage it...but stop..please stop using using the board for whoa is me..don't you feel bad for me...oh my shoelace isn't worth living...we're all in the same boat...and i feel bad for EVERYONE who has these...but I find it hard to cut through the percecution posts to help...this is I' hope that rant didn't come across as harsh or wasn't intended to be...just trying to elevate the posts to a point where we can help...and saying "i feel soooo sorry" for the umpteenth time serves no lets get on with the business of living and stop feeling sorry for ourselves!........Elvis has left the building

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