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Posted by hedferst on November 08, 2001 at 11:00:45:

perhaps you didn't absorb the ENTIRE post, and chose to pull out of it what you wanted. Incidentally, I've read both your past posts and wasn't addressing you guys in particular..jim..i found the med discussions very interesting. Let me make my point again..we can debate this all year. I was in no way discouraging posts. Tim...i understand your hesitancy in posting for the reasons you stated However, I was suggesting newbies read a bit before they ask questions like DO I Have CH??? or Does oxygen work for CH?...And i also stated we are ALL ABOUT SUPPORT..we ALL need it from time to time...I for one, and some of my friends here have sent emails to support the point..am tired of the same sad sacks posting how bad they hurt...i read these posts as the poker is cutting through my own eye...we have all been on our knees with this fucker...and we all can relate...now i'll be the first to admit, as a guy, i may not be the most compassionate person on earth...but Margi..who very well may be, also agreed with my post. I am not trying to discourage posts...and again i stated we all need to vent sometimes..keyword being SOMETIMES!!!! And in reponse to rules and censorshop..i wasn't trying to censor anyone...just offering some insight. I will tell you as a long time reader i have seen SCORES of new posts about how bad life is..how impossible it is to live...yada yada yada..and the moment the cycle breaks...YOU NEVER HEAR FROM THOSE PEOPLE...if the board was filled with selfish."its all about me" people..it would basically be dj sititng here by himself! As an example..you ever hear Jonny or LindaH who are chronic complain? ONCE??? There is an incredible amount of wisdom, experience, and insight on this board (well maybe with the exception on TonyG :)..and many of us have made great friendships here..we are a family. and it isn't always about ch...it is a community of varied interests and personalities...but if you newbies would like to redefine what the board is all about (thank you bob for referencing DJ's guidlines)then i for one will find a place where i don't need to listen to your incessant sniveling. I cannot speak for DJ..but he didn't call this board WHOA IS ME.com...perhaps after you've hung around a while..long enough to read the SAME questions ad nauseum, answers that could be easily found by reading for yourselves..you too will understand it detracts from the benefit we can all derive from this community...and if you take offense to someone suggesting you READ for yourself? tough shit!...i suppose its easier to pay a neuro $200+ and have him or her spoon feed you..i for one prefer to take the bull by the horns and learn for myself...and some of the most valuable information contained on the site is by people like flash and pinky who THOUGHT FOR THEMSELVES..and then GAVE BACK..what a concept huh?...so here endeth my rant...maybe if you ask real nice like..dj will create a new board for the snivelers...i'mtoolazytoresearchfrommyselfdontyoufeelsosorryformewhoaismelifesucksohbythewayismigrainethesameasclusterheadaches?.com....and btw..jayne..my chineese neigbor knows your chineese neigbors and they say "dow ching wattaru" *finger* to you! :)

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