Here I am, at last, with a boring mushroom report

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Posted by pinksharkmark on November 12, 2001 at 19:19:47:

Sorry for the delay in the update... my crummy third-world telecom company has been especially dysfunctional these past few days. I love living in the Caribbean, but I hate my steam-powered Internet Service "Provider". ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had fully intended to do a fairly hefty dose of mushrooms, partly out of nostalgia for my mis-spent youth, and partly to make sure I didn't underdose. At the last minute I decided that since my cycle was just starting, I could risk taking a VERY small dose just to see what happened. If it didn't work, no problem... I could always take a big dose five days later. So, for the sake of scientific curiosity, I decided to eat just a single fresh-picked mushroom that weighed 9 grams. When dried, it would weigh about three quarters of a gram. Since it was fresh, I decided not to make a tea. I just chewed it up and washed it down with some coffee and 1000 mg. of Vitamin C. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About an hour before I ate it, I had experienced another CH, but not really strong... maybe a Kip 3. By the time I ate the mushroom, the headache was almost gone. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I waited for the familiar feeling for almost an hour. I figured that I hadn't taken enough, so I was about to pick another couple of mushrooms when slowly, gradually, a just barely noticeable change took place. I felt a bit restless, mildly jittery. I looked in a mirror and noticed my pupils had dilated a little bit... not huge, but definitely dilated. There were no visual distortions, no auditory changes, nothing pronounced at all, but I was definitely feeling SOMETHING. I would rate it not even a Level One "trip". It was sort of like having a single beer. Just enough to know that I had taken something. I could easily have worked, or driven a car, or done anything, really, with no impairment whatsoever. Two hours later I felt completely normal. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That was three days ago. Since then I have had no headache, no shadows, my insomnia has vanished, and I no longer feel like running out and buying a chocolate bar. The chocolate thing has always been a surefire sign that a cycle is on the way, since normally I never even THINK of chocolate, but in cycle I want chocolate! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since I always have some mushrooms growing, I am in the fortunate position of being able to take as large a dose as I want, whenever I want. I may just take a second, larger dose a week or so from now even if the cycle is aborted. But for the moment, it seems as if I won't NEED to do so. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sorry this report was not very dramatic, but if I can abort every future cycle as easily as this, I will be one happy camper. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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