Ha, the CH's won't kill you, but some of the treatments will.

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Posted by Victor on November 17, 2001 at 07:42:07:

In Reply to: Someone stop me if I'm wrong! But ... posted by Dave Emond on November 17, 2001 at 02:01:04:

I share your experience with Sansert, it was written up in that headache book as a possible aid that helped some. Not sure who said it helped with CH's, maybe some hypochondriac that would have gotten equal results from taking M&M's.

Just in a bad mood this morning, got a flu shot two weeks ago, had lots of flu shots except missed it last year that led to the flu and a long bout of CH's afterwards. That flu was the kind that dried up the muceus membranes, worse kind for a CH kid like me.

Well the person that gave me this shot put it way high in my arm, I kind of commented on that. My rotator cuff has been sore as hell, not too bad during the day, but knife like pains have been affecting my sleep. Think I should say the hell with sleep.

So urged by my family I go see the doc yesterday, put me on 1,000 mg of Relafen, one dose per day. This pain reliever didn't do anything for my arm and shoulder, but gave me the worse case of heartburn I ever had. Still have some left after 16 hours, anti-acids won't phase it.

There was some discussions about the effects of Jayne's beans on this board. Her beans are nothing compared to Revafen, coming from both ends and swear I released enough to fill the Hindenberg.

Not only the pain of the arm, but the nasty heartburn and gas, thought I knew to the clinic to feel better, not much worse.

Just unlucky I guess, been through this hundreds of times with CH meds so finally quit taking meds except O2. Should mention that with my last airline experience, without meds, the CH only lasted about 20 minutes, been through the same thing on meds where the CH would last for hours plus all the nasty side effects. So it's very difficult to judge if the med is helping or making the CH worse. I was chronic for years while on meds, hell I was getting rebound and never knew it getting 5-7 CH's per day. Least now, I have months of CH free living.

The doc thinks the flu injection hit a nerve, if I was my same stubborn self, would have insisted on PT rather than meds. Hell, some docs will prescribe another med to counter the effects of the primary med so you need a wheelbarrel to carry your meds with you. Been there, done that, still had the CH's and a very low quality of life. But still haven't learned my lesson, had to try Relafen, now can't wait until the bad effects of this med wear off so I can just only have the pain of my arm back. Hope to hell I don't start another CH cycle now.

Think many of us have been put on this earth to suffer, just haven't figured out the "why" of it, probably never will. Least it eased my fear of dying. Now tell me the afterlife if there is one, is a lot worse.

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