Samantha, you have strange thoughts (to say the least)

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Posted by Ueli ( on November 23, 2001 at 20:45:15:

In Reply to: thoughts on the article posted by Samantha Smith on November 22, 2001 at 23:58:19:

I'm sorry to say, despite all the applauding followup you've got, it's a long time since I read such a bunch of crap as yours. ......NL...... You take your frustration with a few incapable doctors and include in your whole-sale slander the truly engaged researchers. Who else but people like Dr Massimo Leone and his team will ever find a cure for CH? Do you expect for a new treatment to fall from heaven, together with a 20 year record of success!? Today millions of people go around with a heart pacemaker, living an almost normal life. But if your twisted opinion on medical research was ubiquitous most of them would be dead by now. It is on the vast experience with heart pacemakers that Dr Leone can draw for implanting the electrodes (and he avoids hitting a nerve directly as otherwise the patient would rocket through the roof). If you had read the article carefully, instead of using it as the starting point of your abusive diatribe, you would have noticed that this procedure has nothing at all to do with rhizotomy or any other sort of cutting, cooking or otherwise destructing nerves, in fact this new procedure is REVERSIBLE should it have any adverse effects. ......NL...... It borders schizophrenia to ask on one hand for a 20 years success story and on the other hand demand that among the fist few patient there should be a junkie (with AIDS and half a dozen other ailments). Get a grasp of research methodology before criticizing it! ......NL...... What is wrong if a successful researcher gets some fame? After all nobody is willing to grant research funds to a no-name. And why should someone who can help CH sufferers gain less recognition than the foot-, base- or basket-ball throwing "heroes", who by the way make a lot more money than a professor at an Italien university. ......NL...... Why don't you go out and find a neurologist who can really help you instead of extending your bad experience with a few doctors to insulting those who are really trying to help us? And fuck all who applauded your bullshit. ......NL...... An extremely pissed off Ueli, dismounting from his soap box.

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