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Posted by steve margolis ( on November 24, 2001 at 03:20:32:

and I can maybe try to rule some things out. I would like to ask your patience on this.May I be so long winded as to give some facts about myself, and though some may seem too insignificant, maybe itwill ring a bell and someone will have a good idea, etc.OK, here goes:[Note: I am a right side sufferer (that may be relevant to other info)]I was adopted at birth.I had my wisdom teeth pulled at 15 or 16 years old, clusters began at 17 yrs old.I do not move much during sleep, some have told me I don't move at all.Many times, I wake up in the same exact position I fell asleep in.I grind my teeth during sleep.I talk in my sleep.I have a click in my neck.If I stand on my right leg and raise my left leg either straight out or at a 90 degree angle, there is a click in my neck when I lower it.The left side of the back of the neck is tight during clusters.I have a slight case of TMJ (that jaw thing where it goes out of place a bit)I have narrow ear canals (so the doc says), always had discomfort when flying, and lots of ear wax.I am generally hairy, especially on arms, legs, and thick beard if not shaven.(I am blonde).I smoke cigarettes (though I stop during a bout and hopefully can stay off em after this bout passes).I began smoking about 2-3 years before the first attacks.I have dandruff, especially thick on right top of head towards crown, aka "cradle cap", had it all my life.I have eczema like peeling on left hand that comes and goes(though it started only 3 years ago and I've had clusters for 17 years)I wear glasses, pretty strong prescription.I read a lot, have done so since childhood.I love eating bread, cereals, crackers, bagels, grains (wheat, corn, rice) products (I can eat a loaf of bread in one sitting, especially if toasted)I belch and break wind near the end of a headache, seems to be a lot of air in my stomach, in fact if I let out a big burp, I know it is over or almost over , for the time being.Though I don't like what's put into fast food, McDonalds hamburgers seem to help.I am very sensitive, emotional, touch of manic depression.I am a Virgo.I am a Sheep (Ram) in Chinese zodiac.I have a bad temper.Chinese doctors tell me my kidneys are not so good.I broke my front tooth in half as an 11 year old.I have a lot of cavity fillings. I talk a lot, especially to myself.I passionately love music.I have dry skin, especially hands,feet, especially during winter.I have an abnormally good memory, or so it seems to me and others (friends, teachers remarked on it repeatedly).I have hazel eyes that sometimes seem to change colors, that is, some days blueish, some days greenish, some days brownish.I have poor circulation, hands are sometimes red/pinkish.I have a slightly "irregular" heartbeat, not serious but many doctors have commented on it though they always say it is nothing.I am thin and generally not muscular, but I love sports and played all kinds from childhood.I have a thin neck in relation to a big head, large hat size.OK, if you made it this far, well, I know some of it is silly but let me repeat that I am looking for any, ANY, connection between us.Like all of you , I would do anything, ANYTHING, to stop the dances with the devil. I have sold (or tried to sell) my soul many times but he (it) never keeps the other side of the bargain. Hope we can get this absolutely ridiculous thing to just go away forever.

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