Chronic Headaches/cluster?

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Posted by Chad ( on November 24, 2001 at 22:50:11:

Look I dunno if what I have is cluster headaches. The best doctor in Texas told me that they were. I've had them for two years plus, proable going on three, you loose count after a while, time doesnt seem to matter, just day to day life does. Anyways, two or three years ago whatever it was I had four molers removed, and had a allergic reaction to a drug called cleicon ( I think you spell it like that) anyhow, three days later I started having headaches severley, everday, all day..each day..all day, from then on. For about a year, I had no hope, layed on the couch, looked for everything and anything that might work. Tried some pretty unusually crap, all in despiration of course. Then I found this Doc, in Texas. He put me on Depokota, and Elavil at night. My headaches are as such now. I wake up in the morning, they arent so bad...IF, I get a good night's sleep. And I'am talking like 10 hours here. If not I do ok, for about four hours, then it starts to build, now mind you it never went away, I feel it when I wake up in the morning, it's just less...then through out the day it grows. Now I can take a hour nape or two, and be ok till bed. And it's also not so cut and dry. Many factors go into whether or not I have a good day or bad, mainly I guess on just what is happening inside my head, it's out of my hands. Has anyone experienced a situation like this, in which...they now have no more headaches.Thank you. I love this website.

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