Cluster attack aborted by a Lizard!

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Posted by Elaine ( on November 29, 2001 at 09:34:30:

Last night I got up with a cluster. I am at the age where I have hot flashes at night, so I sleep bare. I ran to the living room got my imitrex kit went to the bathroom so I could turn on the light to take the shot.I don't like to wake Todd up. I took the shot. I grabed a towel and wraped it around me. We have been doing some drywall in the house and the dust bothers my breathing expecially when I have a attack. I wanted to go outside. I walked out on the deck with only my towell on. There is a lake between the houses so if anyone was up they could not see me. I sat down on the deck step up, breathing the fresh air. I don't have any dogs here, so I have adopeted a lot of ducks and fish and turtles, they see me and come to the edge of the deck to be fed. (My turtles just showed up a few days ago. There are about eight of them out there. Well we also have lizards that are very small and run all over the yard.) So I am talking to the ducks and turtles and telling them I am sorry but I am in pain, and no food for them right now, they will have to wait. The lights are off and I can't see real good. I am rocking.I feel something on my leg I knock at it and it moves on up my leg. Now I am trying not to wake Todd up, but I am scard at this point, there is something going up my leg and under the towel. I am now jumping around the deck, what ever it is won't get off, and I am scard to death of a snake, that's all I can think it is. I lose the towel, I am now on the deck in my birthday suit, jumping around and I am so scard I can't yell out for Todd, I am slaping at this thing that is moving very fast to a place I don't want it to go to :-)!! I don't know witch way to run, in the house and wake Todd up , or just jump in the lake. I finally see its a Lizard. I grab him and throw him on top of the hot tub cover. OK now I am laughing , and I go over and make sure I did not hurt him. He was fine, but from the look on his/her face I think he was laughing too.I didn't wake Todd up, not sure about the nighbors tho. I relize my cluster had gone away. I thanked the lizard and went back to bed. I don't know if it was the fact I was moving so fast that the imitrex worked faster or the fear that made the pain stop.

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