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Posted by ChuckC ( on December 05, 2001 at 13:22:18:

forgive me for not having been around much... I've been sorta' preoccupied. Today's my wedding anniversary. ANd, I'm glad I'm still married. I just got an e-greeting from my wife... and subsequently got a little tear in my eye. With all the petty distractions going on around me, it's easy to forget that which is most important.

On a warm December day, 9 years ago, a preacher asked me if I'd do a list of things for my best friend in all the world, and I said I would. She agreed to the same things, in front of me, 30 friends & family, and God Himself. We meant it then, and mean it even more now...

I'm sure I haven't been the easiest to get along with, especially during the cluster seasons some of which lasted almost a year, some only a couple of months, but during the bad times, it was easy to develop bad habits (as a coping mechanism, more than anything) that carried over into the times when all is seemingly well. I wish someone (other than my wife, perhaps) would remind me of this... That if we're not hurting, we ought to remember not to act as though we were... to offer kindness to those less fortunate, to offer compassion to those in pain, and to offer support to those in need... which brings me to the present... Nope, I haven't stuck around much. Once *normal?* life kicks back in, my responsibilities resume their previous levels, and that which is required of us seems to increase. That is, for those of us lucky enough to have a genuinely supportive *earth* family.

My heart goes out to those of you who have to take this malady on alone. You are truly the strong ones, giving the rest of us a model of inspiration for which I am grateful. But, most importantly (for me), I'm thankful for those who stick by your family members to help them through these beastly battles.

I probably still won't visit this board with the frequency I'd like to, but it ain't bacause I don't want to... I'm just dropping in to say Hi to all my clusterfriends, and also to remind those who are new here to keep an open mind, and to read read read. There's alot to be learned, and who knows, it may even provide relief... it has for me (Thanks Pinky, Flash, Ueli, et al.)

Oh yeah, one more thing...



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