How much Imetrex does your insurance allow?

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Posted by Shane ( on December 11, 2001 at 00:17:37:

Ok so I got my Imetrex last thursday and it was suppose to be a month supply...hahaha 6 nasal sprays...yah right. Well needless to say there all gone....and to think I was actually being very generous with them.

So I called the neuro about getting more and they are suppose to get back on me tomorrow about this. But I have heard that insurance companies are very stingy with there imetrex. Is there anything that can be done. I mean the damn Imetrex is labeled as a "Migraine" of course a month supply is gunna be 6 rather it being in pill, nasal or injection.. Can the rulz slide if your a Clusterhead?

I mean you must think Im crazy if 6 freaking nasal spray or injections are gunna last me a month. Luckily today the Neuro's assistant hooked me up with a good amount of Nasal spray "samples"...but then again even this will not last me a month at the rate Im at.

Lets brake it down like this. On a good day...and this is a good day I get 1 headache a day:
so 2x30 = 60 imetrex sprays/injections.
Realisticly its more and likely gunna be this:
3 x 30 = 90 imetrex sprays/injections

Now I do also have my Maxalt that I take when the Imetrex just dosen't do the job and I have used this 2 times already....which brings up another point. Yet again a month supply of Maxal the "Migraine" pain reliever is 6 tablets. Lets do the math here:
In 5 days of having the pills I have taken 2 pills. So that would mean in a month I would be avg. about 12 pills a month....twice the amount they give....and I have been really easy on the Maxalt mainly because I was told only to take this as a last resort...and trust me I have.

So whats a newbie ClusterHead to do? Has Anyone else had problems like this.

BTW I'm about to get some Imetrex Injections soon. I have read about the Injector tricks and I am highly debating doing this....only issue I have with this is doing it at work in the it much different then just doing it the normal way?

Cluster Stats for the day:(PF night once Again!)
1 in the morning around 10 (Imetrex nasal spray),
1 at 5:00 (Imetrex nasal spray)
1 at 8:00 (Imetrex Nasal spray...oopps I went over my 2 limit Im not dead yet)

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