With me, still not sure if it's vascular or rhinitis related

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Posted by Victor ( on December 11, 2001 at 11:30:34:

In Reply to: A somewhat safer method of circulatory feedback...... posted by Charlie on December 11, 2001 at 05:02:19:

I gather there is a fine line between the two. When headache free, I evaluated an Alpine air purifier, what a piece of crap, a cheap ass high voltage transformer from a Chinese made TV set fed an aluminum grid with a bathroom type exhaust fan blowing air. This sucker is an ozone generator. I sat in front of it, and within 5 minutes, my nasal passages swelled shut with that piecing pain in the right eye.

Could never figure out why 99% of the time my left nasal passages are not affected as they are receiving the same stimulus. Shouldn't the right side of me be the same as the left side? Can't tell any difference looking in a mirror, just as ugly on both sides.

Ha, maybe I should have paid the $900.00 or so for that Alpine piece of crap, well could have slapped one together with junk in my parts bin. But could alternate between this purifier and O2 concentrator until my nasal passages would get completely bored with this swelling thing and just be normal.

I did study anatomical 3D drawings of the human head, talk about being an air head, what a maze of sinuses and passages we have up there, all around the eye, nose, and down to the throat.

I did screw around with a Q-tip dipped in Ora-Jel and would encounted a complete blockage somewhere deep within. Damn pain is so severe, hard to concentrate on exactly which passage is blocked. Never the same. But the same passage on the left side would be perfectly clear.

Ha one time I pushed in to hard on the Q-tip and lost it, said, I am screwed now, thought about the embarrassment of going to the clinic, but got it out with a very long pair of thin needle nose pliers, won't do that again.

For years I thought even OSHA safe levels of toxins was my problem, but could never read my body well enough to determine if these toxins were causing my nasal membranes to swell shut or whether it was entering my blood stream through my lungs. Could be the latter as would hold my nose closed with my fingers in strong toxins and still get a CH.

That theory was shot down with a major neck injury I got in an accident several years ago, twisting my head in the freshest possible air would kick off a CH, about four years of PT finally corrected that, can twist my head all I want now without fear of a CH.

That was also shot down by a virus I picked up last year that litterally burnt my nasal passages and sinuses, was getting six to eight CH per day and couldn't do a damnned thing about it.

I tried to read my body, but these damned CH's have me snowed under. And why the F always on the right side? You would think with some gray matter or other central system deficiency, both sides would be affected equally.

Beats the hell out of me. One thing I hate about meds, is they cannot be concentrated on the affected area, your whole body gets screwed up in one way or the other, glad O2 still works, but nevertheless, still a pain in the ass, er head.

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