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Posted by Elaine ( on December 12, 2001 at 11:57:17:

I was laying in bed half awake and half asleep. I hear the phone and a voice on the recorder calling for me. Its Jackie well we talk for awile. It feels so good for someone to call just to say Hi, I was thinking about ya and was just checking on ya. The most wonderful thing about talking to Jackie is she doesn't mind telling you she loves you. Love is such a nice thing it is what makes the world go around. There are so many different types of love. The love of a man and woman as mates. The love of parent and children. The love of friend to friend. The love of humans and pets. Its out there, its every where you look. If I was never able to hear from Jackie again (God forbid) I would always remember these words that Jackie always says as she hangs up the phone with me. "I love you my friend"! I couldn't tell you all that she and I talked about but those words will stay with me until we talk again.
My father was never able to say the words I love you and he never was one to hug ya. He is ill now his mind is gone and he doesn't know me any more. I will never know if he loved me or not. It's not a woman thing to say I love ya. Its a human thing! Don't just say it to be saying it, because people know if your for real or not. If you have someone in your life that you love and you never told them you best tell them now. Don't make them wonder like I do about my dads love.
Make someones day call them and when you hang up tell them how important they are to you. It don't have to be I love you, it could be as simple as "I just wanted you to know I was thinking about ya" Tomorrow may never come and if it does it might be to late.
What does this have to do with clusters? Everything! Had I not had clusters I wouldn't have walked the road I have walked and I wouldn't have met the people that mean so much to me.
If you are pissed off at someone here on the board..get over it!!! Take your pride and throw it out the door..then send them a email and try to make things better. If they tell ya to drop dead well don't get mad know you tried and send another email to someone else and tell them you care. I believe that we all care and we all want to be friends. Sometimes Pride gets in the way. Pride don't keep me don't feed my keeps me of all kinds feeds my heart! Pride starves me! There is plenty of fire wood and food out there you just have to bend a little to pick it up :-)!

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