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Posted by Ga.J. ( on December 18, 2001 at 05:30:16:

In Reply to: LSD and such posted by hub on December 17, 2001 at 13:20:30:


I havent posted for a while - I have been very lucky lately and have been without any clusters to speak of.

Am now on 80mg Verapamil 4 times daily and I can actually feel my stress levels reduce when I take one.

My follow up to this post has to do with my reluctance to try Mushrooms again;

About 4 months ago - it was suggested on this site that I get hold of some Shrooms as they are great for CH.

I actually did this, went and got muddy and found about 100 up my local mountain (I live in Wales)!

I brought them home and bagged em into my fridge. Since this time - I havent had any headaches, though it was about 2 weeks after I started on the Verapamil.

I figured that I would wait until I had another cluster and try the Shrooms. This has not yet happened.

Whether this is due to the verapamil or merely picking 100 mushrooms, I cant say - though I suspect the verapamil may be the answer!

Anyway - My main reason for reluctance is that I had the mother of al bad trips when I was young. I stupidly took far too much LSD as was my first time and no'one advised me of what I was supposed to be doing. I ended up in hospital as my parents took one look at me and drove me there.

Needless to say - this was the worst day of my life and even a full on night of headaches (3/4), I am still aware that I am not dying, which I was not aware of - that night in hospital.

For years after this, my smoking of cannabis was reminiscent of that night and so I had to give up all my habits bar drinking and the ciggies.

I was determined though as I love smoking weed, and after a few years I managed to get past this. I was also determined to find out if I was allergic to LSD and after 3/4 years I re-tried a very small amount of acid and I had an ok night. Since this - I have tried many trips and Shrooms too, just to prove to myself that I could.

I stopped my childhood fun (except the weed which I still smoke) at the age of about 21/22 and it was about this time or shortly after that I started getting my clusters. This started out very insignificantly and it wasnt for 6 months that I was first diagnosed with migraine (doctors - tsk) and a further year before a doctor that had heard of CH twigged it was clusters.

Anyway - I apologise for droning on, but this may be of some use to others and I would love to hear of any stories that are similar so I can compare details to see if I can further reduce my chances of CH.

PS - missed ya all as your all great - but looking through a whole page of flame wars to get to a proper post is very annoying!!!!

Cool - hope to hear from ya soon,

(Hugs to those in recent pain)

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