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Posted by Jasmyn ( on December 20, 2001 at 15:26:06:

This is the dangerous season! Especially if you have CH, are on meds, and feel lonely even if you are surrounded by people.
I see the stats are climbing. I am one of those adding to the figures, but I'm gonna kill anyone I find in Hell over this Christmas season with my bare hands and I'm gonna kill you dead for sure!

Many of you have personally supported me by e-mail and I owe you BIG time. One way I dealt with it was to put it on paper and see the feelings for myself. Well here it is, but please know it is only feelings and most of us have them, so just hang in. All of us will be there for each other, not so guys?


They say you have to be a coward
In a sense I do agree
A coward, not to face the world no more
But that can be called liberty
A coward, to take your life
That takes guts for sure
It’s not like an accident
Where you do not have a choice
Here you must make the choice
It’s life or death
The one or the other
The known for the unknown
There is no turning back
No saying:
“Sorry I made a mistake”

Death is scary for most of us
We do not know what it holds
So for those who choose to go this way
Life must seem much worse
Thinking of the people you leave behind
Your contribution to their lives
Do you merely exist for them
To be forgotten in a while
Obviously self love is at its low
And others haven’t shown much love and care
So what difference will it make to leave this world?
Except for the guilty left behind
As they didn’t have the day or time
To take notice of your crime
They will become the martyrs
To whom everyone will sympathize
This will be their moment of glory
All they will say is “I cannot understand why”

The strangest thing about suicide is
Someone always knows
The signs are there
It’s even said
It’s a plea for help,
A plea for love,
A plea for comfort
But even then people closest to them tells them:
“Its nonsense”
“Pull yourself together”
“I’ve got problems of my own”
“My problems are greater than yours”
“You are strong you will survive”
“It’s not so bad”
“Do it if you really want to”
“If you love me you won’t do it”, etc, etc, etc….

Real good advise when you are standing on the precipice of your life
Just before you jump …

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