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Posted by Todd ( on December 20, 2001 at 20:19:14:

In Reply to: Todd posted by Jasmyn on December 20, 2001 at 18:41:30:

and I don't find your comments condescending in the least.

I am in contact with clusterheads worldwide - through this board, the largest assemblage of clusterheads ever, since the dawn of time.

I agree - many sufferers do not yet have an accurate diagnosis, resulting in many clusterheads who have yet to find a name for their disorder, as well as a rash of people who only think they have ch, sadly denying them the proper treatment for the disorder they do suffer. This is one of the reasons I feel so strongly about posting the most accurate info we can.

I do realize, from your earlier posts, that you are one who has felt such despair as to attempt to take your own life. I have no words to express how much that saddens me. You are not the only CHMB friend I have who has been to that dark, lonely place.

But so far (and I am knocking as hard as I can on the nearest wood as I type this), none of you has consummated the act. For this I thank whatever supreme being may exist, the trees in case the Druids were right and earth, wind, fire and water just in case the pagans have it correct.

I'm not sure what claims I made that upset you so, but please accept my apologies for them. All I tried to do was present factual data, as best it is presently known to medical science, in order to avoid unnecessary hysteria about events unlikely to happen.

To date, I've helped "talk down" people from this site, on three separate occasions, who were in the process of attempting to end their lives. It is a difficult, emotionally-wrenching experience I recommend to no-one, yet I know that any one of the people here I've grown to know and respect would do the same. I imagine you'd do the same. Don't let me or anyone else who posts an opinion which differs from yours bunch your panties in a wad.

As Den might say, mountains is mountains and molehills is molehills - best not to confuse the two or try to make one inta (sic) the other.


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