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Posted by Todd ( on December 28, 2001 at 21:18:38:

In Reply to: OK - If you want to be my friend answer this question posted by Jack on December 28, 2001 at 13:10:15:

I want to continue to be your friend since you felt obligated to toss in that totally gratuitous slam at anal rententives. We don't miss those kinds of things, ya know.

But, in the interest of furthering your totally unscientific database of meaningless anecdotal info, here's my best shot:

First ever cycle was 3 nights in a row. Approx 1 hour each, subtotal=3 hrs

Second cycle was more "classic" with daily attacks. First got hit while in Houma, LA on business. Figure 1/day for a week = 7 hrs, running subtotal now = 10 hrs

Took probably a month to get to the neuro that time. Toss in 3 more weeks = 21 hrs, s/t = 31

Put me on Tavist-D and Ibuprofen (both still script meds back then) Pharmacy had to order the Ibu, so let's say one more week at 7 hrs = 38 to date

Tavist-D and Ibu are, as we all know, worthless, so run out the rest of that cycle, probably another month, for 28 more hrs. S/T = 66

Fast forward two years to cycle 2. I'd say 3 weeks waiting for a neuro appt, so add 21 hrs to bring the s/t to 87. Put me on pred. Took 8 days for that to kick in so we're up to 95

Here's where it gets tricky...the pred helped, but only eased the (dirty word coming) Kip level. Give me 7 more weeks of attacks, with meds, but without relief. 7 time 7 is 49, added to the previous 95 = 144.

To this, we must add the cycle lag time. By this I refer to the prob episodics have in that stashing meds isn't much help if you only get hit once a year or 2 (or, knock on wood, 3), as the meds expire. So figure 8 more cycles with an average 2 week lag time before getting to a neuro for 16 weeks times 2.7/day (Demon had my address down by then) That's 2.7 x 14 x 8 or 302.4 attacks at 1 hr per. Added to the previous s/t of 144 we have 446.

So, to answer your question, I'd say

many hundreds

Hope this helps.

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