I love you guys, let me explain!

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Posted by Elaine ( on January 09, 2002 at 21:34:22:

Margi you are a very dear friend thanks for the post, You’re the best. Thank each of you that would back me and like my skinny butt being here.
Paco I love you man :-)! Jackie and Jonny I love you two also. Each and everyone that posted to Margi’s post and who have emailed Thank you.
I have not been here and it is true that I did not plan to come back for a while, my friend Jackie called this evening and told me to read the board she saw the post and called me. I read each post with tears rolling down my face. The people that know me know I care and what I stand for. I don't know about email going around about me, but I have been around enough to know it goes on. I have also been around long enough not to let it upset me.

I want you all to know I think as much of each of you as you do me. I came here years ago to get advice to help myself and that is just what I got. I also hope that I did give back to the board what I took. I have given all the advice that I have to offer to people here in regards to clusters. I don't have any more advice to give. My job is done here on ch.com!

I am spending my time working on O.U.C.H. something I truly believe in with all my heart. I am tired of hutting. I want the pain to stop for us all. I also am working two jobs right now and caring for my grandbaby.

I am leaving ch.com for PERSONAL reasons they have not one thing to do with anyone here. I like Drummer and many others will always read the board when possible. I love you guys and when I am needed I will be there for any of you. Some personal problems have got in my way and I have to deal. I know clusters are the worst things in life but sometimes Life can get pretty rough, and even old me finds it hard to deal. I have never been anything special, I never been through more than anyone else, just different problems that is all. You guys made me who I am on the board, I thank you for that. It’s like the convention I put it together but you guys made it happen by being there. You all have always made me look good. Thank You ALL!

Well I leave you guys with advice; this is for the new and the old timers. Don't take everything you hear to heart, and don't believe everything you see. Some times things are just not what they seem. Don't take anyone’s word about someone else, be an adult use your own head and form an opinion on your own about someone. Don't belittle each other here or through email. A good friend told me, if you say something about someone say it like they are right next to you, if you can't say it to them face to face don't say it. Take care and please take care of each other till I can come back.

Thank you all so much for the thumbs up and all the kind things you have all said to me. You will all be in my heart forever and there you will all stay till the end of time.
Make ch.com the best cluster support group there is and only you guys can make it that. Show DJ how much this place means to you by being kind to each other and not making him delete post. There is just no room for hate or jealousy here on this board. If those two things show their face please look the other way and go on with helping someone else. Just pass bad post up Please! DJ is a wonderful man and this home he built should be treated with much more respect!

Till we met again, keep love and hope in your hearts! With those two things you can’t lose!


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