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Posted by Margi ( on January 14, 2002 at 15:30:53:

In Reply to: I've heard that one before posted by Brian on January 13, 2002 at 21:41:53:

if you off yourself, who's to say that you weren't gonna be the one to discover the cure for cluster headaches? Or that you were going to be the guy who went on to cure some other incurable disease? Or that one of your children was?
So much of life ahead of you friend. Yes, you're on a bumpy road right now, but you've landed in probably the best place you'll ever find for cluster support - right here at ch.com!
KEEP digging for YOUR magic treatment - most folks have one, just lots of experimenting along the way to find it.
The mushroom therapy worked wonders for my husband, kept him in remission for almost 3 years. This cycle, however, he didn't dose until his cycle was fully engaged, so he didn't find the same success and has had to go the traditional med route (prednisone and verapamil), but he's found pain freedom once again. And you can too, I promise you that. The water treatment also brought relief for Mike (my hubby) a couple of times. It's all trial and error. But the prize is always pain freedom, and that's an awesome incentive, isn't it?
Read everything you can in the buttons to the left here. Start emailing cluster knowledgeable neuros in your area. If you go to the OUCH website, then check out the menus above the map - you'll find a listing of cluster-friendly docs by state/province in the first menu on the left. And send a copy to their secretaries/nurses if you can. Make a pest of yourself until someone listens to you! Ignore the red tape, tell them you are feeling suicidal. I couldn't get anywhere on the phone when I tried to get Mike into a neuro here, it was email that did it finally. Receptionists are trained to be a buffer for the docs and some of them get quite anal about it! Break down doors if you need to, to get in to see a doc who respects and understands cluster pain. It's so worth it. Tell your neuro you need help getting off the oxy, be honest so they can help you help yourself.
And get your mom to visit this site. My daughter is almost your age, and if she was going through an addiction to narcs, I'd sure want to know about it. Also, it would really help me to learn about her pain from other folks who go through it, so I could help. Moms are pretty tough cookies, and we do want to help our children in pain. Keep reaching out, Brian - lots of strong, warm hands here to help guide you along your path.

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