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Posted by Dennis O'C ( on January 15, 2002 at 17:48:35:

In Reply to: KANE... posted by Rachel on January 14, 2002 at 22:22:28:

Choke slamming yer ex....First...My ex managed NOT to tape RAW monday night. If anyone can get a copy I would be eternally grateful.

For newcomers: I'm an old Clusterfuck smart-ass that has haunted this board for years...Many folks here met my son Adam at the last OUCH cornvention in Atlanta. During a life threatening event that hospitalized him for months last summer nancyc began "the Adam Project" here at CHMB. (I'll link to photos below) The generous outporing of gifts, letters, phone calls and cash wre really the only source of joy for he and I during that time. He spent a lot of the money on WWF stuff including tickets to a live event here in Houston. Pappy and nancyc tried to set up a meeting with the was too late. Pappy later spoke directly with Vince McMahon...a future gift was promised.

IT CAME TO PASS...Normally what they do is take the kids in a room and one star spends a few moments with them...some snafu occured in Dallas monday night which left us waiting an hour and a half outside and it didn't look like it was gonna happen. Finally the apologetic WWF guy showed up and since it was so close to show time we had to go directly backstage to the dressing area. So instead of meeting one star we got to cruise a river of all the stars!!!!

Excuse me Mr. Flare ...Test, Edge, Spike sittin on a crate shootin the shit...Taz walks by says how ya doin...everybody was sayin hi to him...the Dudley's jokin around..etc...etcc....the guide was tryin to get us thru to a place to wait for Kane...but everybody was greeting us...Adam had been working up to being scared to meet Kane...he started crying...some lady says "hey yer not gonna just walk by me" ...Stephanie...she tried to console him as did BIG Boss Man...He stayed and talked with us as he put on his gear...FINALLY ...Kane walks up...Adam freaked...began screamng...too much reality in this dream!! Kane was great and gentle and understanding...Adam calmed down...He signed the belt that "The Adam Project" bought him!....did I mention Stone Cold went out of his way to come over and talk a while!!!

We were then ushered to front row seats!!! Triple H spit on us!!! (That's a good thing) We counted hairs on Rikishi's butt....shook hands with JR...and got to see up close how fake the punches are (although some do land a lot harder than intended) and how dangerous the falls are. We also looked up Stacey Keebler's mini skirt...monday night raw at it's pinkest!

It was glorious!

Feelin kinda dicey right now how's about the imposter posting and I'll trace and ping you... then take one of those rocky mountains...cover it with snow pack ...turn it sideways...and stick it right up yer candy ass!!!!!


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