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Posted by Georgia ( on January 17, 2002 at 13:42:49:

Thank you, Charlie, for you concern and sweetness. Just to warn you, I
am so out of the habit of writing anything at all, save the scrambled and
distorted thoughts that circle through my head and land in my journal,
that this post is just a bit illogical and more than a bit poorly

The update on my life: After being fired from my teaching job
because of my headaches, I went into a wee bit of a major fucking
financial (not to mention, mental) depression. My world came crashing
down, my internet access and support group along with it. I finally got a
job in the end of November waitressing at an Applebee's that just opened
in the area. After two weeks of boot camp/romper-room training, I am now
working about 6 days/nights a week and making fairly decent money. And to
be honest, I rather enjoy it. I was kind of embarrassed about it at
first, serving people that I went to high school with or people that used
to be my students, but a dear, wise man, whom you know as Dennis the ass,
told me that I was feeding not only the bellies of the people I was
serving, but their souls as well and then he said something about Jesus
washing people's feet, but I tried to tell him I am serving food not
washing feet and I am not a man and I can't drink wine but he just didn't
get it.

Anyway, I am starting to get back on my feet and will hopefully
have internet access again very soon. I have also decided to return to
school this summer to get my teaching degree. I have put it off for the
longest time, thinking that there was no way that a chronic ch'er could
be a teacher and my experience this fall seemed only to prove that. I
have done a lot of soul searching since that day. I would have given
anything to have you guys there to talk to, to lean on, to help me get up
and dust my proverbial self off. I remembered being called feisty and
stubborn and determined as all hell on this board, although I felt
anything but. I thought about what you, the only people in this world
that truly understand, would say and I decided that you would tell me to
just get it over with and slit my wrists already (well, not really, but
it was getting a bit sappy there). Anyway, I decided that I can do
anything I want to, ch or not. See, I am flying!! Well, you can't see
because the computer screen is in the way, but really, I am! See, I can
do anything.

I do miss you all more than I can ever express. I so hope
that I will be able to afford internet service again soon. In the
meantime, I will keep you all in my prayers. If you want to email me
(please oh please), my new address is: georgiajoy@juno.com.

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