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Posted by Flash ( on January 21, 2002 at 05:58:55:

In Reply to: Anyone that has tried the shrooms... Pinky in particular... posted by Monique on January 19, 2002 at 09:52:55:

Between '85 and '93 my cycle was 2 x 1 month attacks every year, approx 6 months apart. Each headache would reach a max of about kip 7 or 8 at peak cycle, and duration was typically 30-45 mins. Occasionally the headache would last an hour. At peak cycle I'd be getting hit around 9 times every 24 hours.

I accidentally skipped a dose in 1994 - before I realised that hallucinogens were the cause of my remissions in '93, and '94. I got hit in spring 1995. This occured 6-12 months after my last dose of '94. The episode was no different to normal.

I skipped hallucinogens altogether 1997. This was experimental. The hallucinogens had held off the episodes during latter '95 and all '96. The dose previous to that was 31st of December 1996 (OK I admit it was part recreational - if I have to do it I may as well pick my moments heh heh). Didn't get hit until just short of a year later. CH fired up on 23rd of December. Unfortunately I was so confident that I'd was cured (didn't know about hypothalmuses then) I hadn't bothered to gather shrooms in 1997. Dumb and Bummer!

The attacks were longer, more painful and less frequent. The onset of the episode was very fast, but wind down was normal. I was taking too many analgesics and these were probably to blame for the increased pain and duration.

In 2000 I didn't skip hallucinogenic therapy, I just did too little too late. I waited until the episode was relatively progressed, and then took 6 liberty cap. Now bear in mind that the standard recreational dose is 50!!! Previously I'd had success with as few as 10-15.

I must also add that this was a deliberate experiment and not one that I'd care to repeat. Without any help from analgesics the headaches became less frequent, longer lasting, and more painfull. At the wrst point I had continouous head pain for 3 days and nights. This was what I'd describe as a background migraine on kip4(ish) with clusters breaking through and lasting 3 hours each. It was hard to tell where one finished and another began. I honest to got thought I was going to burst a blood vessel.

Up until the point I ingested the shrooms the episode had followed it's usual pattern. The 6 Liberty Cap did in fact cause a noticable effect (some giggles and buzzing). I also got a 48(ish) hour PF period commencing 2 hours after ingestion, and thought I had it cracked. Then the nightmare started. Unfortunately I had to wait 5 days before redosing. Strangly the episode ceased without any warning on day 5 - 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Conclusion. The minute dose of hallucinogen certainly did something. It's not something I'd like to repeat though. I feel it is better to take a mld dose, rather than a negligible one. In 2001 I tok a decent sized dose, and have not been hit since.

Also would like to point out that taking the shrooms either as early in the episode as possible, or between episodes seems to bring the most benefits.

From what we've seen, mainly with chronics, once an episode is establish, or chronic, it may take several doses, and each dose may affect the frequency, duration, and severity of the attacks (and sometimes it may initially affect certain aspects in an adverse manner). However any change at all usually indicates that the treatment will ultimately bring a lengthy remission of at least 2 weeks intervals, and usually longer. Also initially the treatment may succeed in bringing short remissions of 12 hours or less.



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