Thankyou all for anwsering my questions

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Posted by Spencer ( on January 26, 2002 at 19:01:49:

(Note: I posted this under my previous thread as well.. I just wanted to make sure people get to read this, as my other post is far down on the board.) :)

It is good to see that there is a supportive community that knows what it is like to have these. When I have one of the lesser attacks on the kip scale, I find that covering the effected side of the face (mainly the eye) with my hand.. and avoid talking with people (usually, the 11 am one will always happen half way through a conversation.. very annoying) or end a conversation I am currently in. I will constantly pop my knuckles (I have done this so much, I can pop every joint in my fingers and thumb, even the little tiny ones on the tips) and be doing something with my hands.

During other attacks when I am at home, I find it soothing to take my mind off of the attack. I'll turn on some music and try to find peace in dancing (funk and bboyin, heh). Depending on the length of the attack and/or music playing, I will sometimes dance for 2-3 hours. It seems that physical activity has a way of taking my mind off of the pain.

As for laying down, or sitting still during an attack... I find that hardly possible. Even when I am sitting down, I will be CONSTANTLY (every 20 seconds) chaning position, going from leaning my head on my hand, leaning back in my chair, sitting up straight.. any possible position. It can be very odd to do during school.. and I bet lots of people think I'm wierd or something... Oh well, it's their prob :}

Thankyou all for your help, it means so much to me to have people that sincerely care. You all have my prayers, and I will stop by here regularly. I will let you all know what the doctor said shortly, hopefully sometime during this week. I'll chat with you all later!

Much love,
Spencer Quirk

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