I wish I could come up with a title to this post................ . . .

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Posted by Charles James Eke ( on January 31, 2002 at 01:21:42:

I look to my left,
I look to my right.
It’s always the same,
There’s no one in sight.

I wish for things to be good,
I plea for them to get great.
I do not think it will happen,
With my mind building with hate.

I’ve lost my grip,
Things are not the same.
This painful downward spiral,
It’s too much for me to tame.

Take it all away,
This crippling pain in my head.
I know I will never be free,
Until the day I’m found dead.

Hey God, can you hear me?
Can you digest my screams?
I guess you’re too busy,
Crushing my dreams.

I want to be who I was,
From the days of the past.
I need it back quick,
I’m going down fast.

I don’t know what I’m doing,
There is so much pain.
I kneel in the dark,
Screaming God’s name in vane.

I’m alone in my mind,
A scary place to be.
Waiting for the pain,
To come and feed upon me.

Until the pain comes,
Sooner than late.
I will go on back home,
And wait for my fate.

Now before I up and leave,
I must say a thing or two.
I hope you keep reading,
I’ll leave it up to you.

Matt is good,
He’s been there as a friend.
He looked out for me,
Too bad it has to end.

Trevor is quiet,
He’s a messy guy.
He always gets the girl,
It’s in his plan to be shy.

Jon is a bitch,
He knows why.
He can suck on my balls,
Then kill over and die.

DJ is the king,
We all know this.
He created this board,
This wonderful bliss.

I love all you people,
The people posting here.
If you could only see me,
There’s more than one tear.

There is still that one person,
You know who you are.
You always made me smiles,
You never felt to far.

I’m doing what I know will work,
To free me of this pain.
I can’t take this life I’m in,
Screaming in the rain.

My laces are tied,
As I look down.
I look in the mirror,
Same quivering frown.

I’m going now,
I’m on my way.
Maybe if you’re lucky,
You’ll see me some day.

Love to all,
And hates to none.
I think it’s finished,
I think I’m done.

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