Why I love animals of all kinds even BobP and Jack!

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Posted by Elaine ( on February 12, 2002 at 21:49:13:

I loved animals from the day I came into this world. I had two cats salt and perpper I loved those cats. Salt was run over by the milk man in our yard, broke my heart. I slept with Pepper every night. Well one day my neighbor pointed to the road and there lied pepper. My brother buired her and I cried myself to sleep over her. My mom woak up in the night to hear something on the screen door. It was pepper she was ok. Mom broth the cat to me and I was one happy little girl. None of us ever had the nerve to go check the grave. Mom and dad said she was just knocked out and that the ground was damp and she dug out. I said no God brought her back to me. I was just a little girl then.

Later years my grand father had a cat, my brother and I were walking through the woods and we heard this meow a cry for help we followed the meow's till we found his cat hanging from barbware fenece, his bellow riped open. I was about 11 years old at the time. There were flys in the cat. I held the cat wile my brother ran and got the wire clippers. The cat stopped crying. When we got the cat lose I ran my hands inside the cat and removed the flys. I took the cat home to my grandfather. He rushed it to the vet and the cat was sewed up and slept by the heater every night and lived to be a very old cat. It was at that time I had hopes to be a vet when I grew up!
I was a ugly ducklen when I was in school and we were very poor so I did not have many friends. No one would hang with me. My animals were all I had. I had dogs and at one time I has 28 cats that lived in our barn, and we always had three or four yard dogs. My heart was my little house dogs. I loved my animals. One night my dad got mad at me cause I came home with a bad grad yep you got it in spelling! He told me if I did not bring it up he would get rid of all my animals. I tried but my grad never came up. My dad shot all my cats and they gave my dogs away. I never got over that. They got me another dog christy was her name she was a wonderful dog. I went off and did not get home on time. Two days later I came home to find mom had given my dog to someone, again my punishment. I learned not to get animals.

When I got my own placeat a ve5ry young age I went to work and had my own place 16 years old, I found a dog on the side of the road a pickaness(sp) you know whith the mashed in nose LOL! She was my baby she lived 20 years.

I went to work in our animal shelter and there they gave me the cats to look after. I liked cats but not as much as dogs. Well wile working there I became to love cats also. They each have their own personalitys just like dogs. It hurt me every time I put any animal to sleep. I had to quit working there the animals were being abused by some of the workers I felt it was my duity to be report it I did I called the newspaper and TV news. They all showed up. Of course I lost my job. The other workers were replaced and a new shelter was built. It was worth it to me.

I love people also and I like joking around, and today what I saw on the board was joking that people took to heart and Gods knows I know that the people joking was only joking and never ment to hurt anyone.

My life has been surrounded by animals I have always had any where from three to six animals at a time in my house. I adopt the unwanted. You name it kids, dogs and cats, ducks turtles, squirles etc...

People are going to joke about animals kids and old people and death. Sometimes you have to joke to handle things.

Guys lets don't be to hard on these people! Lets just lighten up. I know Bob P and Jack and I am one to tell you they would never hurt a living thing. I have meet both of them in person and I am here to tell ya they are wonderful people. They are great leaders and great supporters as well as another clusterhead who knows the pain all to well. They are also a great friend to have, I am happy they are my friends.

ok I am going back to my corner now!

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