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   Weird bird stuff the past couple days...
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   Author  Topic: Weird bird stuff the past couple days...  (Read 475 times)
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Weird bird stuff the past couple days...
« on: Dec 27th, 2006, 2:31am »
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On Christmas morning, we had a snowy owl flying around the neighborhood.  Never saw one before in my life.  BIG dude.  Missed getting a photo, unfortunately.
This morning, I walked outside and a robin came hurtling out of the sky and absolutely threw itself into the honeysuckle.  A moment later, the reason why showed itself--a peregrine falcon dropped in like a bullet, braked, and was gone in ten seconds or so.  Amazing birds--they nest in downtown Boise, and we see them once in awhile, but it's the first time I've seen one on the attack.  The robin came out a few minutes later.  He was panting.  I don't blame him.
Been getting lots of valley quail in the back yard.  Every once in a while, one gets zapped by a Cooper's Hawk, but the peregrines haven't been after them yet that I know of.  I guess if you're going to feed the birds, that means all the birds are going to get fed--even the predators.
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Ah! The foreigners put on such airs
Wearing the tangerine suits
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The pain they inspire
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Re: Weird bird stuff the past couple days...
« Reply #1 on: Dec 27th, 2006, 6:29am »
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Grin ShockedSounds like you have the same kind of excitement elements going there like we have been witnessing her in Augusta.
  We had lived in Naples for around 20 years and never saw any migrating birds to speak of,  but as winter approached here we began to see really amazing things happen with respect to the birds.
  We broadcast "wild bird seed" for all the birds that care to partake, we have Blue Jays, Cardinals,Dove, and a wide assortment of song birds that visit us daily, on day last week there were hundreds of thousands Martians and Robins that decended on the yard, and at times the column of birds flying south would darken the sky, several hundred birds wide and seemingly an unending line following, it must have taken 2 hours for them to get past our property!
  I personally cant wait for the return of the Humming Birds! also, I though someone was building a hunting cabin in the forest directly adjacent to our place, what sounded like hammering went on for hours, so the kids and I got our hiking boots on and treked out to see who it was, well it turned out to be the biggest WoodPeckers I have ever seen.  I think they are Ivory Bills but haven't been able to get close enough to get a picture yet!   Love those birds, lots easier to deal with than the "Snow Birds" we had influxxing into the area from up north when we lived in South Florida!  Pappy
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