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   Children and Cluster's
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   12 year old son
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   Author  Topic: 12 year old son  (Read 716 times)
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12 year old son
« on: Apr 19th, 2004, 1:45pm »
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Hi all, I am new to this place and already posted under another place before I realized there was a place dedicated to children.  
I am looking for any information I can get.  My son was diagnosed with "migraines" several years ago, he is now almost 12.  I had never heard of "cluster headaches" before, but after reading the symptoms like It's usually on one side, by the eye, burning sensations in and around the head, and he told me it felt like someone was stabbing him in the eye with an icepick.  I believe he may be having clusters.  He uses Imitrix which usually doesn't help because he doesn't notice the headaches coming until it's too late. His last anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours, usually followed by severe vomitting and then sometimes hours of sleep.  He has never actually gotten one while sleeping though.  Any info from anyone would be sooo appreciated.  Please feel free to emai me at   Thanks to everyone already!  I already feel relieved just from finding this board!!  Marnie Smiley
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Re: 12 year old son
« Reply #1 on: Apr 19th, 2004, 8:34pm »
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Aw, man I hate to hear of this hitting kids. Sad  Hi Marnie and welcome.
From what you describe, it does sound like clusters.  I'd hazard a guess that it's the Imitrex that is making him sick to his stomach.  He's pretty young to be taking it and I'm surprised that a doc would prescribe it to him.  It's made my husband sick before.  A better defense would be oxygen, especially for a child.  Here is an info page on oxygen that really lays it out how to use it - maybe print it out and take it to your doctor?
There is some really good information about clusters in kids here at the OUCH U.S. site:  and from the OUCH U.K. site as well: ds.cfm&added=30/07/03&code=CC  (written more FOR the patient, than about them.)
If he were mine?  I'd get him on the oxygen, it's a much safer abortive and limit the imitrex.  I'd also give him ice packs (frozen peas work just as well) to lay right on the location of the pain - that helps a lot of folks here.  I know I'm kind of alone in my thinking on this but I'd really watch his diet, too - no msg, limit the dairy and sugar.  Dairy and sugar aren't as big a deal, but msg is a precipitator for a lot of clusterheads in cycle.  
Please keep us posted as to how your young man is doing, Marnie - and also how YOU'RE doing.  Watching a loved one go through this pain and being powerless to help creates a torturous pain all on it's own.  When it's your child, that pain must be tenfold.  We're always here if you need a shoulder.
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