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   Day 5.....
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Day 5.....
« on: Apr 24th, 2008, 8:25pm »
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Well, today was day 5 of the first episode I've had in 2-1/2 years.  Had my first daytime ha today @ 10am.  That's normal.  Doing my job during ha's is killer.  I'm scheduled, have to be there, and try to act normal.  Geeezzzz.  And, it's almost always with physicians.  I'm a Registered Nurse and do worker's comp case management.  So, when the client has an appointment, I have to be there.  Sucks big time when I'm dancin'.  Oh well, least I'm vertical and breathing still.
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Re: Day 5.....
« Reply #1 on: Apr 24th, 2008, 8:47pm »
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 We all hear you.    Are you able to slug down an energy drink just prior to having an appointment/ meeting?  
It would seem like you in a unique position to educate a few where you work.    
In case you don't know...those energy drinks have a lot of caffeine in them(vasoconstrictor) and the Taurine gives it a boost.  A lot of us here swear by them to abort a "hit"
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Re: Day 5.....
« Reply #2 on: Apr 24th, 2008, 8:59pm »
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Working during CH is the worst-  I understand the 'having to be there' thing- I worked throughout this whole 7 week cycle and have had some really tough days -  it is hard for me to remember how i got though those first couple of weeks-  the exhaustion, the stress and anxiety of dealing with the CH is enough and compound that with the stress of work- receipe for disaster-  So hang in there-  
I started being able to cope with I got on the right meds for me- sleeping thru the night,  less worry about when I'd get hit now just at the point of being prepared 'in case' I get  a cluster.  
What prevents and abortives are you using to help you cope?  Linda mentioned red bull.  Red bull helped me tremendously if I had strong shadows or two cups of strong black coffee at first sign of HA could many times delay HA - I kept red bull at work and of course there is always an endless supply of coffee at work.  I also used imitrex in the beginning to abort at work - When imitrex ran out, my doc gave me Frova which is long lasting could get me through whole day .   I've also used zomig nasals at work - quick abortive  - ( none of these mixed together though-  Hang in there
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Re: Day 5.....
« Reply #3 on: Apr 24th, 2008, 10:28pm »
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Sorry the beast has come calling again.  Getting whacked at work is a bummer at best no matter the profession, but it can be workable with proper prior planning and a little understanding on the part of others.
As a professional care giver I would think the cardinal rule of do no harm would apply.  You've got to help yourself first in order to be well enough to care for others.  None of us are capable of rational thinking in the throws of a high Kip-level attack that requires the tarantella or a mini square dance.
If you're in a clinic or hospital environment, there should be plenty of oxygen available at sufficient flow rates to abort any attack if started early enough.  If you're in an office environment, an oxygen cylinder in the car or office, and imitrex nasal spray or SC injection in your purse should bring relief in 15 minutes or less.  
If you were diabetic and felt out of whack, you would surely take time out of a meeting to check blood sugar levels and adjust as appropriate.  Although not a potentially fatal disorder, an acute cluster headache attack is really no different in that respect when it comes to the need for immediate medical intervention.
Now down to the details...  what oxygen flow rate are you using to abort your cluster headache attacks.
Take care and hang in there...
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