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   More Arizona Seeds Diary
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   Author  Topic: More Arizona Seeds Diary  (Read 389 times)
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More Arizona Seeds Diary
« on: Jan 12th, 2006, 2:36pm »
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Thank you to all who replied to our 1st post asking about the RC/HBW seeds.  As you suggested, we checked out the clusterbusters site info' and find it very enlightening.
   To continue diary: After the RC seeds doses as explained in our 1st post, and then NO CH on Sun., Mon. or Tues,. D. had a CH again on Wed. a.m. However, it was not as strong as usual, not repeated over and over - went to sleep with oxy. and ice pack- OK the rest of the day.  
   Considered the 5 day wait period advice- it had been 3 days since last dose, so decided to wait  another day and see what happened today ( Wcd.)  
   Wed. D slept late, got up and dressed and, as usual,the CH began as he started breakfast. It was strong, but did not last long- nor did it keep repeating. D. is now asleep in chair, with ice pack ( and covers- he does not have the eye and nose discharge we see described by others= but becomes very cold  - this is before we put on the ice pack. I saw this described by one other CH victim- so evidently this is the way it affects some.)   We think the ice pack may help with inflammation which may be affecting the nerves that are triggering the CH. It does not seem to make him colder. but rather seems to help him get more comfortable and sleep off the attack.
   We will probably use the 20 seed batch that is ready and waiting,  today, and see what happens. Also, since we have had some indications of this helping, we plan to investigate the shrooms.  Any port in a storm!
   Will continue to post our experiences and to read, think about and appreciate all who reply. Thank you so much.
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Re: More Arizona Seeds Diary
« Reply #1 on: Jan 13th, 2006, 12:12am »
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Thanx for the diary section.  It's additions like this that help others understand what it is like to live with this crap wether you are the one in pain or the person living with the one in pain.  It also lets the rest of us realize we arn't alone.
I wish both of you many pain free days as soon as possible!
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