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Over the counter Help
« on: Feb 11th, 2007, 8:48pm »
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Hello all, names bryan.  
i was thinking, the reason tylenol and advil and aleve didnt work on clusters were because of the fact they didnt get in your system quick enough. So after some thinking and talking with my pharmacist i tried, Alka Seltzer EXTA Strength. It has 500 mg of aspirn in each of the 2 pills that disolve in water. If i take it at the right time it actually nips my attack before it starts. Now i wanna tell you, make sure you have some food in your system, the aspirin seems to get in your blood quicker that way. Remember if the cluster starts your pretty much screwed. So you have to do this when you start getting "the feeling" you all know what im talking about. Not too much food though. Just a little. so anyways it works for me only sometimes but i thought id pass this on. Alka seltser has deflamatories in it which is good to deconstict our blood vessels which are getting crazy. ok let me know how it works. Remember i wouldnt give you this feedback unless i thought it would help people. ok goodluck!!!
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Re: Over the counter Help
« Reply #1 on: Feb 11th, 2007, 9:02pm »
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Hi Bryan
We have already tried that a long time ago, unfortunately didnt work for his CH pain. Didnt even touched it! Worked like a charm for my normal headaches but didnt do a thing for my migraines either.
So its just not that it needs to get into the system quickly, but it also needs to be strong enough.  
I guess for the milder shadows, maybe a KIP2-3 it will help a lot. However, if you talk about serious CH pain such as a KIP6 and above, I dont believe that it will be effective enough.
Thanks for sharing though.
Painfree wishes to you.
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Re: Over the counter Help
« Reply #2 on: Feb 11th, 2007, 9:02pm »
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G'day Bryan, from another Brian down under, and welcome aboard.  Firstly, and it's not terribly important, you've put this in Supporters Corner which is a sort of private place for those who suffer the ravages of this dread condition more than we do.
Secondly, expect some feedback from those who insist that if aspirin works in any shape or form then you certainly don't have CH.  I personally disagree with that opinion but more on that later.
Either way, nice to meet you and here's to better days ahead.
Cheers and beers,
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