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   If your loved one this!
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If your loved one this!
« on: Jun 15th, 2007, 1:52am »
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Just as an introduction, I am engaged to a man who has suffered from cluster headaches for over 13 years now.I made it my priority to research everything I could on cluster headaches...and I do mean everything!
I have been compiling research on and about this horrible demon, by reading all the information I could find...everywhere!  Just the last couple of months I have made some interesting connections in various word-wide studies that lead to a couple answers for possible (VERY POSSIBLE) reversal of the condition.  I have been very thorough in researching this as it means the love of my life will not be in pain, I had to find the research that provided the answer!  This is not fake.....I am most sincere and hoping this will help others as the research really points to this!
My sweetheart is beginning these supplements tomorrow and hopefully this time....(If you are a sufferer, you know all too well how many doctors, specialists, narcotics..etc that a person dealing with cluster headaches will go through to find anything to help and how nothing really does help in the long run)
Here is what the research has pointed at (or lack of taking up this whole website I will not post everything, just the main points) Due to a low Melatonin levels in cluster headache patients, the circadian cycle (which regulates our sleep times and other's like our internal clock) is not regulated properly.  Also, research has demonstrated that low testosterone levels effect the onset of cluster headaches. (even women have testosterone levels)
Please look at the following web addresses for further information.  I hope it helps you regain a normal life.  I pray for all of you!  Copy and paste the web addresses into your address bar to view them.  (I am in no way affiliated with these, they just really state what all the research I've read, memorized, and reviewed in the last three years really points to) Hopefully my sweetheart will be finally free from the "demon" and I pray you will too.  
(watch the video of the man on this one! Click your mouse on the photo of the man.) hes&
Take Care,  
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Re: If your loved one this!
« Reply #1 on: Jun 15th, 2007, 2:57am »
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Hi again Bonnie
I appreciate your enthusiasm but its not necessary to post the same thing everywhere, people do read all of the Boards.  Smiley
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