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Posted by Mike R ( on July 12, 2001 at 07:42:55:

I`ve always heard that you shouldnt take someone elses prescription for safety reasons. I had no idea that the word "safety" also implied penalties,fines,staying out of jail, and the like.

I see all your points about what kind of trouble this could bring me and the board and how my gesture could do just the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish.

And yes,we need companies like GlaxoWellcome,but if you think they are going to ever provide a "cure" for this,you need to think again. They may provide more "relief" in the future,but when was the last time you heard that any of these drug companies actually cured a disease?
They may very well have already come across a cure for this and many other diseases,but the money is not in the cure,the money is in selling you pills for the rest of your life.
I`m sure that many may disagree with me,but these drug companies are massive corporations who love money just like any other. I know it costs money to continue to run a company and pay your scientists for research,but look how expensive most medication has become! Inflation is one thing,but charging $20,$50 or more PER PILL is robbery and just plain cruel.

I am now publically retracting my offer for the two little pills since it could cause such an upset to the way things are and possibly get the powers that be to crush me like a bug or convict me to a Turkish prison.

On a lighter note,this whole thing reminds me of how pissed I am at the companies who make automobile mufflers. There is metal on the space shuttle that can withstand the scorching temperatures of entering the earths atmosphere over and over again,but I cant get a god damn muffler on my car that lasts more than two years? The muffler industry is running one of the biggest scams of all time and like the drug companies,the money is in the relief,not the cure.

Ok,I`m going off on a rant here,but before I finish I`d like to bring up one more thing.
We will probably never have an answer to this question,but I personally think it`s rather doubtful that ancient peoples such as the cavemen,Sumerians,Egyptians,Romans as well as everyone else up until the industrial revolution had cluster headaches as well as just about every other "uncurable" disease we have today.
I strongly believe that CH,cancers and other mysterious diseases are the by-products of our technological "progress" that has supposably been making all our lives "easier" since the industrial revolution.
There is however recorded evidence to suggest that one of the lesser known Egyptian pharaohs had some kind of chronic headache,but it`s thought that it was most likely caused by an injury to his head.

Well I guess I sit here and wait for my oxygen tank delivery. What am I going to need a prescription for next,a Rascal scooter? I`m only 30 years old for crying out loud.


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