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Posted by ChuckC ( on July 12, 2001 at 14:33:48:

Just when I thought I was making progress in talking my wife out of pushing me to have surgery… that’s a polite way of asking her to *shut up* on the matter… she goes an’ attends a medical conference, and talks to a Neuro who says, about me, “Why hasn’t he had surgery? If it were me, I’d have had it years ago.” Okay, that’s just one man’s opinion, I thought, but the dude’s clearly a quack. This same *expert* also says that most female cluster sufferers are actually misdiagnosed. Now when I was in Atlanta, I saw a bunch of ladies up there who I believe, had clusters. Misdiagnosed, indeed. I wish I’d have been at that conference, because I would have been highly tempted to punch the guy in the mouth, and I am, for the most part, a pacifist. For me to imply that they didn’t would surely have gotten me into some kinda’ hot water, in Atlanta, that’s for sure. Maybe the scales tip toward the male side, but that doesn’t give me much confidence in a Neurologist who’s pushin’ surgery. Mention hallucinogenic treatment around these folks, and we’re the crazy ones… ya know, fightin’ these monsters is bad enough, but medical people armed with little knowledge makes the fight all the more tougher. I am at wit’s end…

I’m all for alternative therapies, but I’d like to preserve my marriage, too. This is what sucks the most… having relief on the horizon, and a spouse who thinks it’s the worse thing in the world, (hallucinogenic treatment), or having surgery that may be un-necessary, or even counter productive, just to keep peace. Well, at what point does obligation to one’s sanity, override one’s obligation to one’s spouse? Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s a decision I gotta make. I just don’t want to, thassall.

Youz guys are great. Thanks for lettin' me vent!

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