SEE I told ya

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Posted by Mike ( on September 12, 1999 at 12:29:47:

In Reply to: FOUND ONE!! posted by Cathy on September 12, 1999 at 11:31:17:

Good Going Cathy,
See i told ya,,LOL anyway I have been at these Vascular Thingys So long i don't Care if ya Call them Hangovers,,,I Do Know the Differance,,LMAO and Further more I have Convinced the Federal Law Judge that Saw over my case in the Full 100% Grade A 303 Social Security Disabilty Case i was FORCED to File against the United Sates Government.Because of the Fact My Vascular Problems Quote "KEEP ME FROM HOLDING A REAL JOB IN THE REAL WORLD FOR ANY REASONABILE LENGTH OF TIME AND PERCLUDE ME FROM ANY CHANCE OF ADVANCEMENT" and the Fact Intractable Cluster Migraines were the indicated Cause...
But as I have said before Please if Anybody Needs any Help insearching out any kinds of info,,Disabilty,Treatment,Meds,Legistation,(Impending or already law) Pain Specialists,,What ever we all as Pain suffers Need to Work together to Find and Legisate the Soultions,The Federal Government Is Wageing a Drug War against We Pain Suffers,,As I am Secure and Confident in my poition In life and know That only After 2 1/2 Months into a Cycle do i need to Seek Pain Mgmt. Treatment,,,and Finding that In MY Overall Position in Life with Abortives and Preventives Just Puts OFF And Inhibits all chance for a PAIN FREE Period,,, On the Prophlactic Meds The Cycles Only Continue after the Meds are Withdrawn and Continue With a Vengance might add and or Compound the Problem or Just plain Cause a NEW ONE to deal with,,I prefer at these time In my Life to Let the Less Experinced be the Ginny Pigs,,I opt for the Handfull of Demerol, Didlaud,and Xanax soulitions
ROTFLMAO,,,there is Just NO NEED to REINVENT the Wheel LMAO,,The Medical Community has Been Trying For 5 or 6 CENTUARYS to solve this Syndrom LOL you think they would Stop Banging there heads against the Wall By Now....There are already Several Meds avaible and they all ready Grow here on Planet Earth,,,,But in the Infinite Wisdom of the Federal Goverment IE...the DEA,,and the A.M.A.
they Might Just Additc US, ooooooooooooowwwww so Death By selfinflicted injury is Acceptable to them....Chaw on them there Worldy Tangs for a while LOL and By All Means
Eat when Ya can Slep When ya Can and Laugh Out Loud When Ya can,,,,Addtiude Goes a long Way..

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