SURPRISING info re: CH ,ancestry & internet

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Posted by gary g ( on September 16, 1999 at 17:13:43:

for those interested in research & subtleties:

"oldtimers" may remember my survey nearly a year ago, asking about ancestral heritage

the results (though from a statistically small group, I certainly acknowledge)were OVERWHELMINGLY skewed toward an ancestral heritage from upper latitudes,(ie: closer to the pole than 45 degrees) and then mostly from northern european areas (scandinavia, britian, germany, holland, etc)

I've been a little skeptical of the results, because of possible biases from conducting it via this message board which is primarily USA/Canada and primarily english language oriented

(noting however that when doing searches for CH, most of the sites that I've seen so far, if not english-world, are germany, scandinavia, etc)

anyway -
being my own devil's advocate, I was looking at the possible skewing provided by (MISCONCEPTION !)the notion that use of the CHMB would produce a USA internet-user, northern european background

WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in this weeks Newsweek it is reported (with fairly cridible sources) that "caucasian" background internet users in USA are 3rd on the list of cultural groups, where ranking is % of that background online

#1 = asian/american; #2 = hispanic #3 = caucasian

granted, both categories 1 & 2 are much smaller gross head count than 3, so the higher % would produce a much smaller real number - BUT that would still be in the millions, so at least a FEW people should have shown up

are you there, but lurking ?

NOTE this is USA data - so we should assume there is sufficient english language capability for folks from #1 & #2 to be represented on CHMB in force,

OK -
so "how come" the asian/americans & hispanics ABSOLUTELY didn't show up in the ancestral origins list ????

am I missing some OBVIOUS factor ?

theories anyone ??????

anyone out there in CHMB land with asian or hispanic heritage and NO northern latitude ancestry ????

my Japanese American inlaws (doctor & nurse) had NEVER HEARD of CH until they met me, (proves NOTHING, but adds to the puzzle)

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