Lactose intolerant

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Posted by Michel L ( on September 16, 1999 at 19:20:56:

In Reply to: SURPRISING info re: CH ,ancestry & internet posted by gary g on September 16, 1999 at 17:13:43:

A lot of North African are lactose intolerant.
Maybe North latidunians are more prone to CH but this would not necessarily prove exclusivity.
I have contacted old 'posters' on the board who have not posted for more than one year. In all cases where Diflucan was used, no reoccurance of CH was confirmed.
Exposure to light especially producing natural vitamin D and boosting of the immune system, consumptium of yogurt containing lactobacillus and acidophilus in some countries due to cultural reasons, may curb the incidence of candidia abilis in the digestive tract and thus limit intoxication by this yeast in the system.
Proliferation of the candidia (over 70 different strains) in the digestive tract at certain times, can generate an overflow in the human body as a whole. At first the presence of the fungus or yeast is not detected since the cell menbrane of the candidia is closely apparented to bacterias, and the immune system does no respond to bacteria (so the need for antibiotics) because it is often friendly to the human metabolism. Except that when the yeast dies in the blood system, the immune system responds to the corpses of the yeast and I would say that this is when the battle begins and the CH cycle starts.
By having a healty response system we cause our own demise. To solve this, the doctors will give us prednisone (a cortisone) that limits our immune response by weakening our immune systems.
It is important I think to analyse our illness with our cultural differences. What we tend to eat, what our cuture drives us to eat, etc. And if we are afflicted with a problem, do we feed it or do we act to limit its action ? All the medications described on this board are acting on the symptoms of CH. Vascular inflammation, pain. The cause itself is often decribed as an external factor to our own bodies : light, atmospheric pressure, humidity, food. It is time to look at the bodie's chemistry and see what systemic cause can provoke a seasonnal, yearly, or cyclical reoccurence of these attacks in any individual. Nobody seems to have the exact same cycle, the exact same duration of cycle. Some are chronic sufferers, some are episodic, but the CH experience appears to be quite similar in its effects to the majority of the sufferers.
I am myself out of the longest cycle I ever had, 16 weeks interrupted by a 3 weeks remission. I seem to be now out of the cycle, but not completely. I still have very slight shadows that I can easely control with simple antihistamines, but I mainly started to consume important quantities of low fat yogurt containing the abovementioned yeasts that are known to kill the candidia yeast. Candidia yeast untreated, and even with treatment, can stay in the body for decades. I am not a scientist or a Dr. but this seems to be a real bugger to me and may justify investigation.

These were just my toughts on the cultural incidence of CH.

May we all be pain free one day. Sooner the better.

Québec, Quebec

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