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Posted by Bob P ( on September 28, 1999 at 16:36:51:

What are they good for,
Absolutely nothing, uhh...

OK, everyone else gets a shot so here's mine:
Clusterheadaches are NOT caused by some mechanical deformity in the neck or shoulders,
Clusterheadaches are NOT caused by toxins in our bodies or because we smoke or drink or eat REX lard straight from the can,
They are not a punishment from GOD,
They are not cured by snorting herbs, cracking bones, shoving peppers up out butts or just chilling out.

They may be hormonal. Which is why more male than females get them. Which is why guys get them, USUALLY, in their late teens or early twenties when they're hormones are peaking. Which is why women tend to get them later in life when the female hormones are on the run and the mustaches are starting to grow.
They are related to serotonin which agrivates the nerves which dialates the blood vessels which causes the pain.
They are treated with CHEMICALS which regulate serotonin and/or constrict the blood vessels.

That's it, there ain't no mo!

(Oh, and someone on the board once answered that famous question that we all ask, why only one side of the head - because we couldn't stand that kind of pain on both sides at once).

Love you guys,

Bob P

(hope I didn't offend too many)

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