No Shit Sherlock - gimme a little credit, eh ?

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Posted by When I FUSS - you'll KNOW it ! gary g ( on October 10, 1999 at 00:09:26:

In Reply to: Shame on you, Gary! Use your name if you wanna fuss.... posted by Dave W on October 09, 1999 at 16:53:39:

no kidding
that's how we've been smoking out the real screwballs for quite a while now

in fact, if you go back a few months, you'll see some posts from me telling some folks how to figure that out,
when we had somebody submitting a series of messages using many different "normal" sounding names, to try to make a sales pitch through phony product recommendations

give me a LITTLE credit,
even if you think I'm a jerk
(hey, my dog still comes when he's called, so there's always hope) -
if I wanted to be SECRET,
I'd use one of my other email accounts

and since you feel like being picky picky -

SECRET, as in concealed identity,
IS different from:

(not taking credit for the work, usually to let the words stand on their own, to avoid any author-associated reader prejudice about the content)
which is different from:

(signing the work with a false name for any of many specific purposes - often the name relates to the nature of the message/work)

as far as FUSSIN' goes -
good lord, you must have been raised in a rose garden if that's your idea of makin a fuss

if I'm taking a shot at an individual, you'll see me sign it by name

if I'm raising an issue that I think is important, and might want somebody to email about it, or whatever, then you can be sure I'll sign it

as far as the points you raised about the positive side of selfdiagnosis,
that's a moving target, and the shift has been toward the negative - in general- of late

but I didn't caption this post to address that, so we'll save it for a later entry

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