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Posted by Robert ( on October 12, 1999 at 01:56:15:

In Reply to: Tell us more! posted by Elaine on October 11, 1999 at 13:39:42:

Well I know I have had this pain in the past, (it's not easily forgetable) but I had always just thought it was sinus headache and it never lasted more than a week or more, of having them, so I just never researched it, or thought any different. Then in the past ...I would say 3 summers/spring...I thought i was just having allergies, because it would seem to come on after ctting the grass or yard work. But this year I have been getting these headaches since about Late August..and there seems to be no real pattern, other than the intensity of the pain and location. My eye (right) will get beet red and feel like it's gonna explode outa my socket..then my nasal passages will plug up, although there is nothing to blow out, always clear watery discharge when I blow my nose..but it still remains or seems plugged, the back side (by my ear will feel like I wanna jab a knife into it, just to give myself a different feeling, sometimes where my neck and shoulder meet will seem like it's a pinched nerve..and my rotor cuff area even hurts. But the real pain seems to be directly behind my eye. Sometime the roof of my mouth even hurts, but only the side where the eye pain is. This will last (it seems a eternity) but I would say the longest is 2 hours. I sometimes run real hot water in the sink and make a tent with a towel..and just breath in the hot moist air for awhile. anything is better than just laying there. When I dont have the headache..I seem to dweel on a lingering pain, hard to explain, but it's not really there, but if I think of it it seems to be in the background? Sorry cant explain that one good..I can sense it was there, and kinda feel the dull after affects of where the pain was..I guess is what I'm trying to say. Anyway..I wasnt even aware of a "Cluster" headache ..I was actually searching for something either related to sinus or shoulder nerves?..but if I had sinus..I wonder why my nose isnt plugged when the headache goes away?..So I guess I am still searching?
Bob..PS..sometimes I have a stiff neck (base) after a bad headache

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