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Posted by Carl D ( on October 28, 1999 at 04:50:22:

Hello, I am alive - in case you wondered or cared. Just haven't been in front of the cyberbox lately.
Nothing really new here - Still not sleeping ( I am so slap happy from lack of zzzz's, I'm ready to hit a comedy club on open mic night and just go off), still in freakin pain constantly, still no abortives or preventatives, still no good doctors. Still going mental, still uncoordinated (is it sleep deprivation, Neurontin.....or Memorex?)

A ray of some kind of hope. I have found legal representation for my SSI/Disability. After a couple of lawyers either wouldn't take the case for this or that or wanted $500.00 upfront, I finally found someone who doesn't want anything upfront and doesn't collect unless I win. They interviewed me - looked over some medical records and other documentation, told me I have a pretty strong case and should have no problem getting it. Whew. That will be a load off of my mind when it goes through. Then I will qualify for a medical card and Medicaid - and have less hassle getting meds and Dr.s appointments. Theres half the If I could just find an abortive or prophylaxis that works. And sleep - oh how I daydream of sleep....

Also, I found something that may or may not work to help alleviate the pain (I think it helps, I can't tell): Taking and putting pressure right under the earlobe at the jawline, just slightly toward the back of the earlobe and massaging. Seems to have helped a couple of CH's, and also at the base of the neck and head - same thing - pressure,massage.

Personally , I try not to bang my head against anything, as I have found it already has pain in it - no need to create more. I just punch the floor and pretend I am punching out an idiot (use your imagination and punch the ones you hate too). Sure my hand hurts afterward, but boy is that floor sorry it met me.

I am a pasifist by nature and sort of a throwback flowerchild of the '90's , but during a 10 - get mean angry and violent enough to take a pro wrestler and rip his head off. I swear I am a peaceful guy - just don't mess with me when I'm in pain. Is anyone else like this?

And I just thought you might like to know - I have a disturbance in my lower intestine that is pushing at the back of my colon and creating a putrid colorless gas protruding from my anal other words, I just farted. (Now I will get Emailed and slammed as this has nothing to do with CH's - but what if clusters are actually caused by excessive gas buildup that emits from one part of the body to the brain and causes a toxicity and pressure in the temple area and.....ok, ok it's just another theory - but what if?)

I have seen the future - and it sucks - - Butthead

This sucks! No, really - this sucks! - Freek

Carl D

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