A looooong post to deal with this shit

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Posted by Ueli ( on October 28, 1999 at 12:44:06:

In Reply to: My Turn in the Shit Can posted by John Bown on October 27, 1999 at 21:47:30:

John, I disagree with most of your points:

1) Testosterone, estrogen and serotonin are not the only hormones in our body, there are dozens more and they are controlling hundreds of enzymes that are making up the extremely complicated chemical system that in addition oscillates in a daily and seasonally rhythm. Anyone of these components could be the culprit for starting a cluster cycle/attack.You must have an extremely low opinion on the medical and pharmaceutical professionals if they have not found a cure for a disease caused by (in *your* opinion) a single hormone.

2) In *my* opinion fakers that stay for a longer time on this board can be counted on the fingers of an old carpenter who lost most of his fingers to his trade, and the thumb counts for H2O-Mike.

3) If you call one quarter 'pretty rare' then there is a difference in our understanding of this expression. If on the other hand you still believe in the 'less than 10% stuff' you should read some more recent data, by example the Radio Interview with Dr. Goadsby linked to in our link page and for your convenience just put here to click. His figures are 22% of women. And IMHO this number is likely to increase when the doctors who learned in medical school that women only get migraines (and haven't learned anything since) are dying out.

4) The basic difference between men and women is in the sex chromosomes: Men have a x- and a y-chromosome, while women have 2 of the same kind (I don't remember if they call it xx or yy). This difference in chromosomes codes for many many more differences than only the level of testosterone, so your assumption is rather far fetched, to say the least.

5) The biggest heap of crap you left behind. I know of a fellow from southern Switzerland who can drink any amount of one sort of wine and is triggered within minutes with one gulp of another wine from the same region. Some time ago there was a post of an ex alcy who said that of all brands of beer there was exactly one that didn't trigger. For me alcohol is only a trigger in combination with dairy products or nuts and almonds. So, for some at least, it's not the alcohol on its own but its interaction with something else. What is a trigger for one must not be a trigger for another.

6) see 1) and 4).

7) I agree with this. But for me stress-release is not a trigger.

Bottom line:
If things were as simple as you put them, then, for long time something not much more complicated than Aspirin would be available as a cure.

2nd bottom line:
I'm an analytical type (not self-proclaimed but born as such) and expressing words of compassion is not one of my talents. But people indulging in 'poor-me poor-you' type of posts are IMO an essential part of this board and the fact that their talents are not in the 'technical stuff' does not make them more likely to be CH-fakers.


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