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Posted by John Bown ( on October 27, 1999 at 21:47:30:

I have been participating in the message board for some time now. I have been pretty good. I am now going to end all that. I have some opinions that just won't stay in the closet any longer, and these testosterone posts have opened the door. These are opinions, people, and I am entitled to them.

1) Testosterone must have a lot to do with clusters. This is simple logic. The long majority of CH'ers are male. Males are males because they have a lot more testosterone than females, and have had since early in embryotic development.

2) In my opinion, males posting here stating they have clusters are more reliable than females posting here stating they have clusters.

3) Females with clusters are actually pretty rare.

4) If you are female and suffer cluster headaches, chances are your testosterone levels are fucked up.

5) If alchohol does not trigger cluster headaches for you, you probably don't have cluster headaches. You may have something really terrible, but it probably isn't cluster headaches.

6) Having cluster headaches is not a sign of manliness, verility or studliness. More likely it is a sign that your body can't regulate the production of testosterone smoothly or normally. More likely than that is that your body didn't regulate testosterone production correctly at a crucial point in embryotic development.

7) Cluster headaches are not stress induced or stress related. Relaxation obviously invites them, through whatever mechanism, but this does not mean that eliminating sress will eliminate clusters!

Have fun!

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