Part 2 Stress and Clusters Also Looooong.

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Posted by Bobbie P. ( on October 28, 1999 at 13:29:34:

Part 2 Stress and clusters theory
My thoughts are that the extra adrenalin that was pumped into my system during the two incidents was the “last straw” needed to put my already stressed adrenal system into overload. (Dr. Greg, you can step in here any time and tell me I am full of hockey pucks)
The adrenal glands can only take just so much stress. After a few months or years of chronic stress, the adrenals become weak and are not able to respond in a normal manner. Let me digress here for a moment to talk about the hormones made by the adrenals, epinephrine and norepinephrine(adrenalin and noradrenalin) Known as the fight or flight hormones, they are responsible for charging the body under acute distress. These hormones are balanced by testosterone and hydrocortisone. (Hopefully at this point some of you are saying: “ah ha!” Bob P. get on your horse and link this with your serotonin) Unfortunately, as we get older there is a decrease in these balancing hormones. Can one make an assumption here and suggest then that we have a lot more epinephrine and norepinephrine as well as ATP(molecule that stores energy in the muscles)running through our bodies than we should and that our balancing hormones are desperately trying trying to keep pace? I have heard many of you mention the “relaxation factor” in our clusters. Here is possible answer.

Then we also have the steroid hormones which were designed to deal with stress not of the acute variety. Included among these hormones are estrogen are progesterone! So now we have a weakened adrenal system, hormones running amuck and the fact that our organs do not work independently within the body. The adrenal stress and imbalance of hormones causes a chain reaction all along the endocrine system, of which pituitary/hypothalamus are a part. How am I doing so far? Just a note, stress does not refer only to the “working too hard” shock to the system, loss of a loved one etc. It also refers to stress from chronic illness, allergies, chronic clusters, etc. I also read somewhere about it taking about 6 months for the adrenals to recover to full working capacity, unless you have adrenal fatigue which is a different ballgame. Hmmmm.
Now this does not necessarily mean that stress is “The Cause” , I don’t think it is that simple, but I would strongly suggest that it does indeed play a role in this cluster rollercoaster. The possibilities for discussion here are endless! Okay, the floor is open for debate. Watch the adrenalin guys!

PS: hold on to your hats folks , the next theory will discuss Hormones and how they fit into the stew.
PPS: Actually Drummer this makes a very GOOD case for chronic CH.
PPPS: I have included the link for Part 1 for those who may have missed it.
Happy ponderings,
Professor Onion Head

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