I have to disagree...

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Posted by Margi ( on October 29, 1999 at 11:31:21:

In Reply to: Chronic Clusters, Chronic Insomnia, Chronic Depression... posted by Carl D on October 29, 1999 at 09:06:46:

with one of the points you make. Yes I agree that the bickering is utterly and completely pointless. Death threats? Come ON!!!
But what I disagree with though, Carl, is your point about the "tekkies who have a lot of nothing to say"....if you're referring to the ideas that are being put forward right now, i.e. seratonin, testosterone, dna, etc., I really have to take exception to that. It's stuff like this, Carl, that is leading us towards a cure someday. Brainstorming is always productive. Yes, some ideas are totally out to lunch, but if someone's got a theory that they don't express because of their shyness to post it, wouldn't that be a shame if it really IS an idea with merit??
Yes, I agree the board is for support and you know you do (for the most part) get positive responses to your posts. We do try to offer support and we really do care. But why can't we also work together to try to stop the Beast as well?
The joking, I feel, is a very important feature here. This is such a serious disease that we need to be able to forget about it for a moment, while we watch the Hub and Bob Show, or Drummer's rantings. We all look forward to Saturdays to see Nancy's funnies. I think if more people could respond to the barbs in a humourous way, Clusteropolis (new word courtesy of Ted) would be a much happier place. In other words, when Bob P tells Hub to shut up, Hub could choose to be offended and threaten to take his toys and go home, but he doesn't, he teases Bob right back and they proceed to wrestle until everyone's giggling so hard they have to stop. But you know what? For one instant, one person MAY have been given a break from their pain or depression. Isn't THAT what this is all about?
Again, Carl, I'm sorry you're going through this hell and I sincerely wish we could find a way to help you. But that's what we're trying to do with all this "tekkie" stuff, ok?

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